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Smartly, he gives Anambra night life



SOMETIME ago, night life in every part of Anambra State was a pipe dream. It was considered a suicide mission to embark on a journey that will lead into the night in any part of the state, especially the commercial and social active cities. Apart from the security challenges which fueled criminal activities, amenities that encourage night life were scarce commodities.
Today, the story is different. The state now enjoys a fresh breath in the area of night life. The journey began with the coming of a man with the magic wand that drove in security and peace in the state which opened the way.
Apart from the elaborate security in the state, Dr Willie Obiano (Akpokuodike) went a little further by providing enabling environment for night life to thrive in the state. Best among such provisions is the street light which among other things, keeps streets lively and inviting.
Commenting on the development, an actor in the movie industry, Smart Akpagu (ljeleAputaAkpagu) confirmed tremendous improvement in night life and entertainment in the state. “Entertainment entails on music, movie, refreshment, community life, capacity development, among others. In the past five years, there is more stability in security within the state. This stability made it possible for people to move about in the night for legitimate business and go about for refreshment after a day’s business. The recreation is always orchestra with some people standing and entertaining the guest who engage in some other legitimate stress management exercises. The security improvement has taken entertainment and night life into the interior part of the state with minimised threat to life. Due to improved security, Ndi Anambra in diaspora are consistently coming back home to invest in entertainment and even moving around Anambra at night without arranging private security.
“The government of Governor Willie Obiano has opened some road network in some interior parts of Anambra state and maintained the existing ones. The availability of good road network made it possible for Ndi Anambra  and people from neighbouring states ,to access the entertainment centres located all over the state with minimum stress.
“There is prompt response in emergency situation in Anambra as a result of high tech communication made possible by the government of Chief Willie Obiano. This improvement helps to reduce the operation of marauders, who are now aware that their illicit activities anywhere in the state will be reported to the response agencies, even before they finish operation. To further foster high tech communication in Anambra State, the state has partnered the National Communication Commission to improve the high tech services of the emergency communicating centres in the state, to work in the centres as information dispatchers .The state equips the response agencies with modern communication gadgets for more and efficient communication.
“Night life and entertainment is highly facilited by constant power supply. To this effect, the government of Chief Willie Obiano has constructed additional power sub- stations in different locations in the state, to boost power supply. This reduces the cost of maintenance of entertainment centres and improves their profit margin which enables them to stay in the business.
“The state has created room for parternership with the entertainment providers, hence the appointment of creative media and entertainment artistes into the government. This will facilitate the capacity development of entertainment industry in the state. The appointment of creative artistes serves as interface between the government and entertainment industry. They provide necessary information and strategy for improving the capacity of artists and the industry generally and take back the government response to the industry.

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