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Protect yourself against fake and counterfeit – Uduonu



Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria (APSON) has outlined ways individuals could protect themselves against piracy and counterfeit.
This was made known in a statement issued by the Director- General of the group, Frank Uduonu to its members during their exam preparation at Awka.
The exam was to ascertain those that would become its bonafide members in the near future.
Uduonu revealed in the statement that for one to be saved and protected from piracy and counterfeit, he or she should scrutinise labels, packaging and contents of any given product in Nigerian  market.
He also disclosed that there may be no better way to know the difference between a bargain and a fake product other than through the labels and packaging as the revealing indicators.
The DG  advised consumers to look for missing or expired ‘use by’, dates, broken or missing safety seals, missing warranty information or otherwise unusual packaging, as well as to seek for reputable sellers, check serial numbers with manufacturer databases  in larger purchases that has to do with mechanical or electronic equipment.
Uduonu while campaigning for ‘getting things right’, warned that “if  a customer purchases medicine from a new vendor and does not match the size, shape, colour, taste, and side effects of usual product”, he  should contact pharmacist or manufacturer to determine if it is from legitimate source, as well as verifying the authenticity by comparing the manufacturer’s contact information with another product’s packaging, adding that addresses and phone numbers provided with counterfeit goods could be misleading.
He further advised consumers that y they must always seek for the authorised retailers, watch for missing sales tax charges, insist on secure transactions, seek quality assurance in the secondary market, report questionable spam and faulty products.
He also charged consumers to be vigilant when buying from abroad, and to teach their kids about counterfeits, as well as warn friends and family of illegitimate product sources and to trust their instincts at every point in time.

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