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My contribution to Nigerians is portable water – Okolo



WHAT motivated you into producing Daki water, not minding that there is water everywhere in the country?
The dream came to me after  I  traveled out of  this country to a smaller country, Niger Republic at the headquarter,  Niamy, to trade on motor spare parts in 1991. Before I traveled to Niger Republic, I was trained to trade in motor spare part in 1983, under Raphael Ifeduba. I took part of my spare parts business to Niamy.
In  Niger Republic, with hard economy, I noticed that they cherished good water. They don’t joke with people’s health and welfare. Each time they want to wash their water tank, a notice of three days will be given to the whole nation to fetch water that will last the number of days it will take to wash the tank. The same thing is applicable to light. When they want to take away light, everybody will be on the know.
In 2004, I returned to Nigeria though  my business was still going on in Niger Republic, I decided to produce the quality water I used to drink over there. In Nigeria, I started Daki water not minding the much processes involved before I got started.
What are those processes the company went through before you started producing?
In the first instance, I was directed to a professor of Geology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, who came and  inspected the environment where I sank the borehole. He tested the soil and told me to dig the borehole up to 495 feet above sea level at Nnewi, it may differ in some other  places.
To get portable water, the borehole was dug exactly 495 feet above sea level. I applied to National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), they tested the water in October 2016, and then in 2017,  a certificate was issued to the company to commence production. NAFDAC number issued to me for my bottled water is D11083, while that of sachet water is D11615. Indeed, to produce quality portable water, Daki Water goes through these processes. From the raw water, it moves to the first tank to the treatment tank with carbon and sand, it passes through filter to first storage tank to production room and finally passes another filter at the production room before packaging.
After issuance of certificate by NAFDAC, any other checkmating or are you left on your own to continue production?
NAFDAC does periodical evaluation every two years, they supervise our water and environment to make sure the company is doing the right thing.
Apart from NAFDAC’s certification, is there any other proof that your company produces portable water?
Yes, the teaching hospital in Nnewi have tested and is making use of Daki water. Obi Nnewichi’s palace don’t need any other water but Daki, SSA to the Governor of Anambra State on Budget and Planning, Melie Onyejekwu tested and is currently using Daki water, Member House of Assembly, Innocent Okafor,  uses Daki Water amongst others.
What are your challenges?
As you can see, we lack power here. Much money is being spent on daily basis to buy diesel. I am pleading that government should aid in providing good road, electricity and soft loans to take the company to higher level.



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