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I’ll make NAUS better – Ijegalu



WITH just few weeks to the election of National Association of University Students (NAUS), the Director of Sports (DOS), Nigeria Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) and presidential aspirant, NAUS, Felix Ijegalu, has declared his intention to change the face of NAUS and make it a house hold name.
Speaking to National Light in an interview, Comrade Ijegalu, former Student Union Government (SUG) President of Anambra State University (ANSU), now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), described himself as a patriotic Nigerian who believes that the Nigeria project should have gotten to a stage where everybody would be able to boast to be a Nigerian.
He explained that NAUS is an association for both undergraduate and post graduate students of all universities both in Nigeria and the diaspora, adding that  he decided to contest for the president of NAUS because he believes he is not only credible enough but knows the right keys to press.
“I am contesting because I know I have the credibility, ability, will power and experience based on my track records. I have the boldness to be able to speak for the Nigerian students. I know where the right keys are and I am ready to press them.
“A lot of maltreatment is being done to students and I am in student union to intervene on the sufferings of students and the injustice they face.

“I want to be totally independent. My government will bring something new to the table. It will bring a steady avenue for revenue.
“My quest is to put NAUS on the map. To make it a house hold name. The volume is very low.
“This Union is an avenue for opportunities and for students to have experience; I urge our leaders to sponsor aspirants. When we have a federal presence, we can now bring it down to our region. We should be given the opportunity,” he pleaded.
Recalling how his journey on unionism started, Ijegalu said, “It all stated from my first day on campus in 2011 when i was appointed as a course representative, that was the starting point of becoming a leader. As a second year student, I was unopposed as a House of Reps member of my department in the student union. In my third year in school, I became the SUG President and that was the foot spring of my unionism”.
On preparation and campaign, he said ,”We have sold our concept, ideas and integrity to the world. We have traveled to a reasonable number of states and we believe that we have a great number supporting us”.
His running mate, Stephen Okpalaobi, who will automatically become NAUTH Secretary if Ijegalu wins the presidential election, in his contribution, said the goal and ambition of both of them were to bring change to the system.
“When we are together, we are stronger. We need to unite and stop the blame game. If anyone feels the system is bad, let the person change it. We need to be politically conscious. In solidarity we can move forward”.

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