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The U.S and Trump’s presidency



THE GLOBAL influence of the United States of America as the undisputed leader of the free world and champion of democracy seem to be diminishing at an alarming rate since Donald Trump’s Presidency about three years ago.
The world has never been so unsafe as the possibility of a nuclear warfare with its catastrophic consequences to mankind appears to be on the horizon occasioned by the extremely bizarre and unpredictable President Trump’s foreign policies.
Since the inception of Trump’s Presidency, the world had progressively and dangerously been drifting towards major conflagration of unimaginable proportion as a result of his rather naïve perception of America’s role in global politics.
President Trump had inexplicably abandoned the U.S leadership roles in virtually all the international organizations that were put together to safeguard world peace and concord among nations.
President Trump also had virtually severed U.S  relationships  and her obligations to certain global organizations  that play major  and critical roles towards world peace such as, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) the G7,
the Iran’s nuclear treaty which the U.S was a major signatory, the Paris climate change Accord  among others. The list is endless and Trump had equally abandoned U.S traditional allies such as the U.K, France, Germany, Canada etc.
The obvious leadership vacuum caused by the seeming U.S abdication of her global leadership role had inevitably prompted the emergence of other major global nuclear powers such as Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea that had recently became a great threat not only to her immediate neighbours within the Korean peninsula but also to the U.S herself as a result of her nuclear capability.
North Korea had carried out series of tests of her nuclear war heads in the Korean peninsula and beyond which her neighbours such as South Korea and Japan had considered as highly provocative.
North Korea’s  strong man, Kim Jong Un had boasted that his country had the nuclear capability to strike the U.S cities including Washington D.C in a matter  of minutes and this obvious threat had compelled Donald Trump to hold emergency Summit meetings with the North  Korean leader whom he once referred to as “ a little rocket man”
The first summit was held in the South East Asian country of Singapore and the second was recently held in the Vietnamese city of Hanol without any meaningful success or break through after the two historic summits.
On the other hand, the Russian President Putin had been playing a major role in the Middle East region particularly in the Syrian endless war where the U.S and her allies seem to have shieded or walked away from the devastating conflict which has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Russia’s military support to President Assad of Syria against IS1S or the so-called Islamic State had dramatically changed the military equation in favour of Assad. Similarly Russia had been dictating the tune in Crimea which she unilaterally annexed from Ukraine without the U.S raising any finger against the Russian aggression.
Suffice to say that Russia’s global influence has been on the rise in virtually all the continent of the world as a global power.
Russia recently waded into the political crisis in the South American nation of Venezuela where President Nicolas Maduro is currently having a running battle with the U.S over the dire economic and political situation in that country even as the U.S had unilaterally and unconventionally recognized the opposition leader as the interim President of Venezuela. Russia promptly seized the opportunity by sending a powerful military force to checkmate the U.S influence and her undue interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.
On the economic front, China with her huge human and technological resources is currently confronting President Trump and U.S in what is commonly referred to as “Trade war” even as China an economic super power, had already spread her economic tentacles across the globe including the U.S herself, as well as the so-called developed economies of Europe to the shock and utter discomfort of the U.S and her European allies.
Needless to emphasise the point that the current extremely dangerous and unpredictable situation in the world today was clearly the consequence of President Trump’s myopic and thoughtless policy of “America first” or “To make America great again” which had totally isolated the U.S from her traditional allies and thereby abandoning her leadership role in global affairs as the defender of the weak and oppressed in the world. Indeed, the emergence of Trump on the U.S political scene obviously was a great set back to the American global powers and influence as well as a betrayal of trust which the global community had reposed in the US to provide global leadership.
President Trump had unwittingly reduced the most powerful and prestigious office in the world to a mere paper tiger, even as he has the penchant for always attacking and pouring unrestrained insults and venom on his perceived political enemies.
He often uses unconventional twitter channels to launch blistering attacks on his enemies as was the case when recently he viciously attacked the Mayor of London Khan, whom he described as “a cold stone loser” during his recent State visit to the U.K.
Trump also thrives in endless controversies as exemplified in his utopian idea of building a wall along the Mexico border which the American Congress had persistently refused to grant approval for the funds to execute the most ambitious project.
Trump’s notorious penchant for always firing his top Presidential Aids unceremoniously as was the case when he recently sacked the immediate past Secretary of State  while he was on foreign diplomatic mission had clearly portrayed  him as an erratic and unstable leader who has no regard for the age long convention and norms as established  throughout the civilized societies.
In recent times, many Presidential Aids had resigned their appointments under Trump’s Presidency due to his rather erratic and unconventional style of administration.
He is equally known to have usurped the functions of the Secretaries of State and Defense respectively by often making unguarded policy statements on sensitive diplomatic and defense issues and often ignoring advices from the State Department and the Pentagon.
As the US prepares for the next Presidential election in 2020, the people of the United States will be presented yet again with the rare opportunity to change the rather ugly situation and restore once again America’s global image as the world’s Sole Super Power by massively voting out Donald Trump whose Presidency at the White House had caused incalculable harm to the US international image as the leader of the free world.
The current extremely dangerous and unpredictable situation in the world today, is clearly a fall out from President Trump’s negative and uncoordinated foreign policy, as well as his unilateral abrogation of accords and treaties entered into by the US with her allies which were intended to make the world a safer place.
International observers and political pundits had maintained that President Trump’s unpredictable and temperamental disposition had rendered   him totally unfit for the office of President of the United States of America.
It is instructive to observe also that Trump’s rather irrational global policies had equally influenced the US domestic politics even as the US had never been so deeply divided and polarized since the emergence of Trump Presidency.
His controversial domestic and foreign policies on critical issues such as the  highly contentious immigration policy which was essentially targeted against certain  Islamic nations and other minority groups, the ambitious border wall with Mexico,
the gun policy as well as the sudden rise in the activities of the so-called White Supremacist groups among others are obviously total negation of the ideals and core values of the American founding fathers as enshrined in the Union Charter or treaty that all Americans are equal before the law.
Trump’s tacit support to the White Supremacist groups had clearly portrayed him as a racist which is a complete anathema to the American Constitution.
For more than six decades, previous American administrations had always been treading with utmost caution; restraint and flexible diplomacy in handling the affairs of the extremely dangerous and volatile situation in the Middle East region.
Regrettably, however, since the inception of Trump’s Presidency in 2016, the region had progressively and dangerously been moving towards a terrible conflagration with unimaginable catastrophic consequences for the region and the entire globe.
Trump’s extremely bizarre policies in the region had further heightened the existing tensions and beating of war drums between Israel and her Arab neighbours.
Trump’s irrational and unpredictable policies such as his recent unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel had further isolated the Palestinians from the US and had since rejected any future US mediation in the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
According to the Palestinian leadership, the US could no longer be trusted as an unbiased and impartial mediator in the conflict. Again, Trump’s recent support for the annexation of the occupied “Golan Heights”  by Israel now renamed “Trump Heights” had further moved the entire region precariously closer to a total war.
Previous American administrations had always championed the noble cause for the peaceful resolution of the conflict through “the two states solution”   as the only viable option to the lingering tensions and conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians in that highly volatile region.
Furthermore, Trump’s open hostility and rather phobic policy towards Iran recently culminated in a near frightening nuclear war between the US and Iran after the latter had shot down an unmanned US drone which Iran claimed violated her air space and territorial waters.
Trump  expectadly responded swiftly by ordering missile attack on selected military targets inside Iran but dramatically called off the operation within seconds arguing that such attack was “disproportionate” since according to him, about 150 innocent people would have been killed in the process hence the operation  could not be justified. President Trump had since imposed a hard and punitive economic sanctions on the leadership of the Islamic nation.
In conclusion, it is heartwarming and a cheering news that American political gladiators are already aware and conscious of the enormous trust and responsibility the global community places in the US to provide global leadership and the monumental collateral damage the Trump Presidency had caused the US as well as the terrible strain on the diplomatic relationship with her traditional allies.
It has now become imperative for an urgent change of administration in the US hence the large number of Presidential contenders from both the Democratic Party and Republican Party who had expressed their utter disgust and embarrassment on the state of the great American nation under Trump’s Presidency and had vowed to do everything within their powers to ensure that Donald Trump does not return to the White House come 2020.
Under normal circumstances and by convention President Trump ought to have been offered automatic ticket for his re-election bid by his Republican Party.
However, the US is currently witnessing an unprecedented political turmoil and greatly diminished power and influence on the global stage, hence the large number of Presidential contenders from both major parties who are battle ready to challenge President Trump in the upcoming elections.
The global community undoubtedly will welcome the eventual defeat of Donald Trump in the forthcoming Presidential election and the possible emergence of a truly democrat who believes in global peace and harmony among nations.  The American voters are therefore called upon to reject outrightly Donald Trump an extremist demagogue, and all he stands for during the 2020 Presidential election.



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