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Task before Seventh Anambra House of Assembly



IN A manner devoid of rancour,  the seventh session of Anambra House of Assembly (ANHA) chose and inaugurated her new officers last Wednesday. We must commend the  legislators. But in doing this, we must not play blind eye to the other equally vital necessity of bringing all sides to the table.
IT MAY be tempting to flunk this responsibility and rationalise that the honourable men and women who, as mouthpieces of ndi Anambra from the entire 179 towns delineated in 30-electoral constituencies are already experienced in politics and so there is nothing really new to learn.
But this line of thinking will not only be a misreading of present political mood of  Nigeria but a miscalculation in politics. It may also miss this zeitgeist at heavy costs that ultimately leave nobody worse-off than the electorate. Indeed, only the naive take their relatives for granted simply because they are always around.
IT SHOULD always be in their mind that there is a  popular expectation of  ndi Anambra that they will be partnering with the executive arm while settling for nothing but robust legislative business to deliver dividends of good governance to the people. Though how the two constitutionally designated equal arms of coordinate influence will go about this partnership with minimum muscle flexing is a knotty question the new Assembly should strive to solve.
GIVEN the predicament of Anambra State until Gov Willie Obiano assumed the reins of power on March 17, 2014, there is need to keep the state’s political space constantly sane and tame, devoid of the usual suffocation under tremors generated by needless feuds characterising legislative-executive communications.
The era when Anambra degenerated to a circus show where gales of impeachment and rumours of failed impeachment became order of the day should be confined to the past. Of course, the people counted its cost in lack of qualitative leadership. That is why the people applauded the absence of friction in the House of Assembly last Wednesday, unlike what happened in some other states of the federation.
THIS is where the level of statesmanship and eclectics exuded by members of the immediate preceding session of Anambra House of Assembly comes to play. Yes, the bulk of accolades and garlands for such level-headed executive-legislative harmony should go for Gov Obiano who provided the templates.
But the Sixth House will always stand on the good side of history in the annals of Anambra State, for resisting power mongers baying in the background to stampede them into distracting the governor on two occasions.
That is where the Seventh Assembly should take the baton not only to make their predecessors’ cut but to go some notches higher and sustain the present high tempo of development going around in every sector of public business in Anambra State.
LIKE the saying that from its first dance steps from the spirit hut, sages know how far a masquerade will fare at the village square, the new legislature has kicked-off on an impressive footing that kindles fresh hopes.
While their counterparts in other states are still grappling with some ‘toothaches’ arising from pre-inauguration horse tradings, the new Anambra House has since hit the ground running by  the way it elected the Speaker, Uche Okafor, Deputy Speaker Paschal Agbodike and other principal officers which is a strong pointers to the clear skies ahead.
WE CAN only solicit for time in full conviction that Okafor and his fellow honourable members will surely deliver. But the people should bring up their own end, within official correspondence channels without expecting legislators to bend over backwards to prebendal considerations of previous acquaintances to meet up with the new legislature.
Doing so will trigger an equally new ambience that will remove the former tendency of relapsing into grumbling when the people are not being carried along by the House.
The members should be encouraged to engage in over-sight functions on contractors, Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) and constituency projects that would impact improve living standards are treated infra dig.
WE, THEREFORE, recommend regular town hall meetings with establishment of central legislative liaison offices, constituency offices   and well-trained, fully qualified personal assistants to link our legislators with their constituents on one hand and the entire ndi Anambra on the other.
Members should avoid any temptation of treating constituency offices with levity. Rather, they should mark up their commitments to this ready-made point of contact with the people to ensure that popular inputs are better accommodated in all stages in law-making process.

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