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Ohaneze Nd’Igbo must proscribe ‘Youth wing’



AS far as Igbo people are concerned, the only apex socio-cultural organization is called ‘Ohaneze Ndigbo’. To that extent, it stands to reason that no other organization should counter the official mouth-piece of  Ndigbo, which remains Ohaneze Ndigbo. 
Please may I ask the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo: who established the so-called “Ohaneze Ndigbo youth wing”? The Igbo apex socio-cultural organization should take immediate step to ban the phony organization because of their nuisance value.  The misguided goons have been known to be countering whatever the leadership of Ohaneze has ever done or its position on the state of the Nigerian nation.
If the Arewa Consultative Forum [ACF] and Afenifere  have youth wings, it is not  obligatory that Ohaneze should have it. Igbos can no longer tolerate series of uncouth conduct and puerile press releases which are out of sync with the position of Igbo as presented by Ohaneze Ndigbo.
It’s high time Igbo stopped this uncouth and clearly irresponsible goons probably luxuriating in youthful impetuosity. The Bible maintains that youths don’t provide leadership in a sane society. The meaning of youths being leaders of tomorrow is that the youth should be disciplined, humble to learn from elders, in addition to striving to broaden their academic horizon and knowledge of existential realities so that as they get matured,they can man public positions to mediate responsible leadership.
It is shocking that the supposed “Ohaneze Youth Wing” issued a press statement countering Ohaneze Ndigbo on the trip of President Muhammadu Buhari to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). Of course, the essence is to curry favour from the presidency and has its bank account swelled. Its position that the president has the right to attend the OIC meeting is because Buhari is Nigeria’s property and must observe the rule of law in public matters, including membership of foreign bodies. Nigeria being a secular state cannot be a member of OIC. The military regime that enlisted Nigeria in OIC is an aberration. Never mind that former President Goodluck Jonathan attended OIC who attended the meeting which was to please the northern Moslems who eventually dumped him in his second tenure bid.

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