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Identifying peculiar blind spots in a man (1)



EVERY woman should look for a peculiar blind spot in her man. There is no man, no matter how tough or difficult, stubborn and harsh he may be, that you will not find a woman who would by virtue of her understanding of the man’s peculiar blind spot, not checkmate.
Some women are endowed with such peculiar attributes that can quell a man no matter his status and natural inclinations. For instance, every man has one or two soft spots for something he craves passionately for- a must have which it takes a woman with a sound knowledge of men’s wile to unravel and use as a checkmate.
While any woman who fails to identify her importance as regards her man’s special cravings, will definitely not make any impact and will soon be tossed aside because what endears a man to a woman is that special distinction between one woman and another.
This is the reason a man at every point in time keeps on searching for a woman who will meet with his inordinate insatiable quest for his desires and cravings.
That is why we say men are by nature flirtatious because they keep on looking for something distinct from one woman to another. It takes a woman who by virtue of understanding of a particular man’s special blind spot to capture and pin down a man not minding his status and his rigid form.
This explains obviously why in so many instances, we have cases where men fell headlong and marry women who otherwise, are not categorised to be in the same social status or have some outward qualities such as physical endowments, education, among others. No matter how you want to appeal to their senses, they will tell you they are comfortable with what they have.
Character is a strong index in formation of compatible relationships. So many people are, by virtue of character similarity tend to synergise- that is not to say that those with similar character tend to blend more.
Some men by virtue of their being too strong willed tend to crave for a balance by wanting a woman with a soft character vis-à-vis a woman who is soft natured wanting a man with strong character. This is to close up the vacuum which each of them tend to be missing out in their lives.
As the essence of life is always to aspire to have what you do not have, again that is why you can see some very tough men indirectly admiring very gentle and quiet women vis-à-vis it could also be that so many men by virtue of their knowing their peculiar stubborn hard qualities normally search out for women with the same hard qualities.
Most of the time, it helps them to aspire and execute their natural inclinations and for such persons, nothing else matters. They can sometimes pitch against each other, fight it out and quickly make up because they have a common destination. For such people, you do not interfere in their quarrels because they will use you to make up immediately.
Permit me to say that in every relationship, there are factors that must be of  utmost consideration for that relationship to withstand the test of time.
According to Sigmund Freud, what is in a man’s mind is a woman and the woman is sex symbol and the fulfillment of man’s desire. Every other quality, such as beauty, manners, cleanliness, career, behaviour, brilliancy, good cook, among others, all revolve round the man’s ability to copulate with his woman and those qualities tend to enhance the union’s libido and strong cravings for sex, no matter the physical appearance and intellectual handicap evident in the woman.
The mere fact that the man is financially stable induces the woman to go all out to feel for the man. So to say, so many women only understand love in material perspective as her libido can only kick when there is financial remuneration.
Some women position themselves all the time to magnet, attract men of similar virtues. That is why the craze for skimpy wears alluding to all the physical inducements: large boobs, false eye lashes, hair extensions, enhanced hips, constructive facial features, curvy features, phonetics, enticing body language, among others, are paramount in the woman’s positioning to attract the man.
To further underscore the powers a woman wield on her partner, the British parliament in 1770 enacted a law obtaining a husband under false pretence,
“That all women of whatever age, rank, profession or degree, who shall after this act impose upon, seduce, and betray into matrimony any of his majesty’s subjects, by virtue of scents, paints, cosmetic washes, artificial teeth, false hair, iron stays, bolstered hips, or high heeled shoes,
shall incur the penalty of the law now in force against witchcraft and like misdemeanours and the marriage under such disbursements upon conviction of the offending parties, shall be null and void”. (The daily dispatch, August 27 ,1861).
Underlying these outward expressions, actual contact with male speaks volume. So many women understood the fact that they must enhance their skill,s update and keep on updating their sexual skills as exposure to pornography has enhanced general awareness of the different methodology of sex which so many men want to experience, to enhance their libido.
This explains why so many women who successfully exhibit such performance on their men folks tend to have it all-such men who are caught in this web, no longer find it easy to extricate themselves. It is a land of no return. They shun every reason and consideration to stick to the woman.



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