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E-Money: Supporting growth and greatness



 CHIEF Emeka Okonkwo, popularly called ‘E-Money’ is sometimes a mystery to many who wonder how he became so rich that he has become a benefactor to so many youths. Not many knew he had a humble background before his rise to stardom.
E-Money’s name resonates with music production in Nigeria. A man of few words, yet outspoken and shrewd in a terrain that senses enormous business investment. While struggling to face life in its true sense, God blessed him with a contract worth $2million.
With huge business skill on his side, E-Money has been gracefully elevated to a comfortable class of multi-millionaires. According to him, “we were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is how my level changed for forever”.
E-Money invested wisely and within a short period of time, his investments began to turn in more millions.
He hails from Uli in Anambra State but was born and brought up in Ajegunle, Lagos State.  He is the younger brother to Nigeria musician, Kcee, who has been in the music industry long before his brother hit the mega millions
E-Money owns one of the biggest record label in the country, Five Star Music, which has become a rallying point of most African musicians. The record label is believed to worth over $500,000.
He is also the owner of Emy Cargo & Shipping Nigerian Limited. The company services include clearing & forwarding, sea freight, exporting, importing, warehousing, logistics, haulage and sales of exotic cars.
In addition to his already establish businesses in 2017, his company, Five Star Group launched its own tin tomato paste company called five star. He is in addition into oil and gas.
If there is one man that knows how to live a flamboyant, glamorous lifestyle, that person is no other than E-money.
His fleet of cars includes different expensive ranges, G-Wagons, Range Rovers Sports, different classes of latest BMWs, Jaguars, Prado jeeps and many more. He is in a class of new models, as he cruises in Rolls Royce 2019 model, and freely gives away latest models of cars to relations and friends as birthday gifts.
His Five Star Mansion is worth over N200million. Classy from gold-plated chairs to luxurious condos, his home is all any could ever wish for. His house also includes a state of the art indoor gym.
As part of his contributions to the society, E-money has unveiled his Five Star Project Empowerment Foundation with the motto “Supporting Growth and Greatness”.
The billionaire businessman took to the streets in company of his elder brother, Kcee, business associates and security guards to give to the less privileged food items which include bags of rice, groundnut oil, spaghetti and other stuffs. His present level of philanthropy has put smiles on the faces of the poor, indigent persons and widows who go about giving testimonies.
E-Money is one of the most talked about Nigerian businessmen on social media. This is because of the manner in which the man interacts with his fans on Instagram.
One of the major reasons  he is talked about is his open-handedness. E-Money is known to be in the habit of giving out money to his many fans on almost daily basis.
No wonder his home town, Uli, was full of thrills and frills on December 30, a day usually set aside to celebrate the town.
This young millionaire, in collaboration with his brother-Kcee (the Limpopo master) lit on his community with a musical jamboree that featured who is who in the entertainment industry. That night of musical extravaganza will remain ever green in the lives of Uli people and others from surrounding communities from Anambra and Imo States respectively. As a philanthropist, he caused torrent of tears to flow amongst many indigent mothers, as he offered their children scholarships even to university levels.
One amazing thing about this business magnate of international repute is that E-Money cruises flamboyantly in esteemed grandeur, yet he feels the pulse of the poor and needy, and readily comes to the rescue when necessary.
Emeka was born 38 years ago to the family of Late Mr. Dan Okonkwo, an astute born-again Christian, who had the trappings and paraphernalia of a true servant of God. E-Money is happily married to Juliet Okonkwo and they are blessed with three lovely boys.

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