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Remnant Mission marks feast of Pentecost



THE priest in-charge of Remnant Mission International, Nonso Onyeagba has admonished Christian faithful to go back to the laws of God as it is from the foundation of the world.
He made this declaration during the feast of first fruits and Pentecost held at Remnant Mission Headquarters, Enugwu Agidi, Anambra State.
In his message he said” feast of Pentecost is the day of the new commission of God for Christ, confirming the movement of church from Judea to the Jerusalem ,saying that the word of God is not coming for the Jews but for the world.
prince Onyeagba said he need the out pouring of the Holy Ghost and love of Christ in his church, so that the church will expand in preaching the word of God, adding that holy ghost brought love in the church during the time of the apostles that made them to lose interest on their personal things and focus in the interest of the kingdom of God.
He added that during the time of the apostles, they shared things in common, carried one another’s burden , their financial dealings was done collectively and  they removed selfishness and worked for the interest of the kingdom.
“I want  my people to experience the power of the Pentecost , like the apostles of the old”.
He admonished the world to seek for true worship, noting that there are different interpretations and antagonism of the word of God today, noting that no matter how people go to church, they still look for spiritual satisfaction of the word of God,
Present in the event was  gospel artist Prince Gozie Okeke, who admonished the members of the church to be mindful and have focus of the kingdom, saying it is only in Sabbath churches that you see raw prophecy and gift of God, nothing that Sabbath is the church of the ancestors, that follow the footstep of Abraham and the rest of the old.
High point of the event was  confirmation of priesthood by the man of God, Prince Onyeagba.



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