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Nigeria’s democracy…successfully failing – Uzoagba



JOSEPH Uzoagba sees Nigeria’s democracy over the last 20 years as successfully failing, and recommends political reform as one of the surest ways out. Hear him:
“Indeed, Nigeria’s democracy is successfully failing over the years.
A child of 20 years is not a baby, and should actually be independent. I do not think that is the case for our nation. Many of our institutions are still not there in terms of sustainable development. The government is still not giving the people confidence.
“At 20, we are still at foetus mentality. The whole continent is looking up to us as big brother and yet no clear cut vision on what we should do or where we should be. Political Reform is highly needed now, because we have moved toward, and away from democracy.
“It has been 20 years of increase in unemployment, impunity, corruption and repression. Some always say our democracy is growing but i say it is stunting… Democracy is for the people, and hence their opinions through any means should count, be it social media, election and so on.
“We have had 20 years of Godfathers and cabals deciding the fates of Nigerians. That is not democracy. Democracy should be decentralized and all inclusive. In fact, we have had 20 years of more divided Nigeria.
“Concerning the change of the democracy day, it does not crystallize into any physical development for Nigerians…the people need a working system and once this is achieved, everybody automatically aligns.



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