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John Cena’s interest in film increases



WRESTLING legend John Cena has hinted that he is contemplating retirement from WWE.Cena, who has been working for WWE in a part-time capacity because of his thriving acting career, is currently gearing up to star in Fast & Furious 9, alongside franchise regular in Diesel.
Last week, he took to Twitter where he officially announced he’ll be a part of Fast & Furious 9.
Cena dropped the revelation in the wake of Goldberg and The Undertaker’s match at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.
“I think an individual’s career is up to the individual, I think that’s pretty much the way I can describe that,” Cena told TMZ Sports.
“I’ve been having the same conversation with myself.
“I’m only 42 but it’s something we’ve got to address each day.
“It’s individually specific – when those people are ready to stop they’ll stop.”
Still on the fence, Cena insisted that he is still in good shape and quitting the WWE would not be due to an injury.
“Man, I always feel good,” Cena said, when asked if he feels good.
The 42 year old has had just two matches in 2019 and has not wrestled for WWE since January.



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