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Henry flays fans calling for Goldberg, Undertaker retirement



IN THE extremely hot city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, The Deadman defeated the WCW legend but the match was marred by botches and Goldberg being concussed halfway through. The match did not go down well with some of the fans.
In the fallout of the match, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho have both defended the two icons of the business.
Jericho labelled them as ‘once in a lifetime, top level performers’ and Flair stated that it’s hard for superstars to come in two to three times a year and work a match, and let’s not forget the heat they were working in.
Hall of Famer, Mark Henry has also had his say on the matter, and he’s taken big shots at fans who were complaining about what transpired in the match.
“Goldberg deserves the respect that he’s earned,” said Henry, per WrestleZone.
“The guy went in and busted his face open. How about saying thank you for not tapping out?
“They went through it for you – the Twitter fingers, the people that probably can’t run a mile in under a day, the people that can’t lift their own body weight, do one pull up. People that don’t have any belief in nothing beyond their own nose.
“Those are the people that came on social media and berated the Undertaker and Goldberg, when it was a travesty to the wrestling business because they deserved better than that.
“And anybody that sent a tweet like that, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Well that’s them told.
There were a lot of calls for both men to retire from the business following the match and that’s why Henry is probably directing his ammo at.
Whilst it may be beneficial to both stars to think about their futures, a bit more careful work means they could easily go at it again, and Undertaker looked fresher than he had been in years in 2018.



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