Eastern Academy celebrates Atuchukwu’s 60th birthday, retirement



EASTERN Academy Girls Secondary School, Onitsha, Celebrated excellence as the institution sent off its retired Vice Principal Administration ,Mrs. Comfort Uche Atuchukwu in grand style.
The occasion also featured the celebration of her 60th birthday.
Speaking during the occasion, the celebrant ,who was a Chemistry teacher in the college encouraged teachers to be dedicated to their duties to shape the children in their care to be responsible adults.
Mrs. Atuchukwu, a native of Amichi, used the forum to ask for recruitment of more teachers in college, especially in science subjects.
According to her, the school has only one government employed teacher teaching Chemistry for the senior secondary three students.
She however commended Governor Willie Obiano for the regular and consistent payment of workers salaries which earned him the nickname of alert governor.
Mrs. Atuchukwu further commended Governor Obiano for providing the necessary security which has nipped in the bud the various activities of armed robbers before he came on board as the governor of the state.
In her observation, the principal of the college, Stella Umunna, commended Mrs Atuchukwu for serving the school meritoriously and wished her the best in her future endeavours.
Dr Umunna, an astute and consummate school administrator, noted with passion and joy the able assistance she enjoyed when the celebrant was the Vice Principal administration.
According to the principal, Mrs. Atuchukwu was like the Biblical John the Baptist to her, and helped in no small measure in offering her quality time toward the development of the college.
The first son of the celebrant, Chudi Atuchukwu wished his mother a longer life to see her fifth generation. Atuchukwu expressed his philosophy of celebrating people when they are alive rather than when they have joined their ancestors.
The occasion featured cutting of the anniversary cake by the celebrant.

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