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Welcoming President Buhari’s second term



IN SPITE of the fears,  issues that dogged last general elections, Nigeria has moved on. Yesterday, the inauguration of  President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term held in Eagle Square, Abuja. Along with the vice president, Prof Yemi  Osinbajo, he took a new oath of office. 29 governors that emerged victorious in the last general elections, also took oath of office yesterday.
FOR President Buhari,  yesterday marked the commencement of his second term rule as a democratically elected President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria as his first tenure, which commenced in May 29, 2015, after the  reign of former President Goodluck Jonathan, equally ended yesterday.
WHAT this implies is that Nigeria has finally moved from the ‘change’ the president promised Nigerians in his first tenure to the ‘Next Level’ which he projected in his 2019 elections  campaign blueprint.
IT IS exhilarating that in spite of the unflattering socio-economic conditions in the country, Nigerians braced up to the inauguration of  President Muhammadu Buhari with great expectations, particularly as it concerns  the heavy media focus on his policies and projection into factors that will drive sustained growth across various sectors of the economy in his second  era.
THE four years of his first tenure  recorded turbulent periods, ranging from pervasive and apparently intractable insecurity across the nation’s landscape to privations occasioned by concerns over rule of law, evidences of grinding poverty and scourge of unemployment among the teeming graduates from institutions of higher learning.
DESPITE the presence of the age-long problems of bad roads, poor electricity supply, lack of good health care facilities, poor educational facilities, poverty and recently suicide and rape cases, there is hope.
IT IS heartwarming that Buhari has of recent acknowledged the categorical imperative of  realistic practice of federal character, which has been generally described as “true federalism” bordering on the fundamental restructuring of the lopsided federation.
THE pre-election buzz word, ‘Restructuring’ is not something from the outer space. It inspired fear and foreboding as members of the opposition called for the country to go back to regionalism and the paths where it has derailed governance-wise. In other words, restructuring is to restore the  principles of federal system of government. Recent actions of the president, especially on the local governments show that he listened to the concerns.
PRESIDENT Buhari knows that he has no viable alternative than to work-the-talk on true federalism. APC has it in the election manifesto, and at the heat of presidential election when it was becoming a selling point for the  opposition parties, APC hurriedly put up a committee on restructuring and recommended it to its national leader.
SO, THE die is cast  on the issue.
WHILE National Light congratulates Buhari for the herculean election campaign which leveraged his victory at the polls and successful inauguration, we wish to urge him to recalibrate the fundamentals of  his anti-corruption fight and  good governance. It is trite to asseverate that democracy thrives on rule of law. We strongly believe that the president’s ability to keep to the provisions of the rule of law will speedily transport the entire country to the ‘ Next Level’.



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