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Sorrows of an African child



AFRICA is a continent that is immensely blessed with numerous potentials, both in human and natural resources.
  But Africa is plagued by a very hostile environment for human capital development as a result of bad governance and suppressive policies.
An average African child can match his Asian, European and American counterparts in terms of physical powers, intellectual capabilities and teachability.
But the problem in Africa is that the African climate/environment does not appreciate raw materials.
A talented African child doesn’t have an equal opportunity or chance to develop his skills like  an American or European child.
In Africa, we have  factors and forces which compel talented people to be considered a bunch of useless breed.
Though most of us always blame spiritual forces for all these man made lapses, but the truth remains that the African environment does not support or encourage talented people to improve.
In Africa, everyone wants to knock others down with critics and blames for the little things they think you didn’t do right, but no one is ready to celebrate you for the numerous ones you have been doing well.
In Africa, our rights are easily violated and trampled upon by those who believe that they were already on top and everyone will expect you to keep calm and smile, so that no one will see you as a disrespectful fellow.
In Africa, everyone will always have their eyes on you to see when you begin to fall or make mistakes and they will still pretend that they never knew you existed.
It is not easy to be an African child because our leaders and the elites want to be the last men standing to the detriment of the upcoming generation.
The chances of survival for a typical African child is 5/95% compared to America, Europe and China, where it is the responsibility of government to develop raw talents and establish them for the benefits of their countries.
And that is why in many villages, towns and neighbourhoods in   Africa, millions of talented people are wasting in the wasteland of dreams and hope.
No wonder why even those who are considered not really good enough in Africa quickly find fame and glory in the western world.
A good example is Chinua Achebe, who was not considered a national icon until the Americans honoured him.
There are other numerous men and women whose talents and skills were considered good for nothing until the white men recognised them.
In Europe and America for instance, there is liberty and freedom for every person to live a quiet or social life irrespective of their class or status.
But in Africa, our everyday lives are read like magazines and newspapers by people who you never knew that they know you and we are scrutinized, antagonised and criticised for every speckle of mistakes like public servants.
Most people believe that the reason why the citizens of Asian, Europe and America are better off than we Africans is because of our heathen religious foundation.
Most people always over emphasize idol worship as the reason why things are not working in Africa the way it works in other civilized countries, but I tell you.
The problem we have in Africa is a faulty foundation of a house which is not interested in the progress of its inhabitants.
We have a faulty foundation of bad policy/human relationship in   Africa and that ironically are the flat tires slowing down African development.
Most of us see witches and wizards as normal monsters of bad dreams, but I tell you the actual witches and wizards that are killing the destinies of Africa and her children is enmity, rivalry, hatred, envy, jealousy, vilification and vengeance.
Africa is a continent that is so endowed with good fertile soil and mineral resources, but our leaders and elites turned Africa into a survivalist desert where talent is not enough to survive.
In Africa, degrees are not enough to survive the torrential turf of our highly politicised polity.
In Africa, strength is not enough to navigate the waves of our unfriendly climate.
In Africa, talent is not enough to accelerate the tempest of the complexity of our hostile society.
It is only in Africa that heroes and legends are reviled, while criminals and lawbreakers are worshipped.
It is only in Africa that a child can be born into wealth and still live in penury.
It is only in Africa that the rich also cry.
I love Africa and I am grateful to God for making me an African child



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