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Do men die more than women?



DEATH is a topic that is relevant to all but is not pleasant to talk about. Weather men die more than women is a very controversial topic and has always raised dust.
A new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed why men die earlier than women in contemporary times.
WHO reports says men are more likely to die earlier than women duo to uneven access to health services.
According to 2019 World Health Statistics, published on the WHO website, the trend is similar in law and high income countries as men often seek health care services than women.
Heath statistics, according to reports, which was disaggregated by sex for the first time, women outlived men everywhere in the world, particularly in wealthy countries.
The diversity in worldwide longevity alone indicates that the difference in mortality between the sexes is not purely biological and that there are intervening social factors.
Observations indicate that the growing man made diseases which are more typically male is a basic factor.
Other reasons indicated include exposure to the hazards of the workplace (In an industrial context), alcoholism, smoking, road advantage which has increased drastically throughout the 20th century, among other vices.
Part of the paradox can certainly be explained by the fact that this convergence is not absolute. Men smokers tend to smoke more cigarettes than the female smokers do. Men drive more recklessly than female drivers.
Expert have come to say that were men and women faced the same disease, men often are careless.
Attitude to health care is different. In countries with generalized   H.I.V epidemics, men are less likely than woman to take an H.I.V test, less likely to access treatment and more likely to die of AIDS related illness.
Speaking to National Light, Dr. Joseph Obidiegwu, a medical practitioner in his opinion said, “Women most probably have a biological advantage but have gone much beyond it . Reason is because they tend to engage in fewer behaviors that are bad for health than men do. On the other hand, violence and risk taking is a determinant factor also.
“In addition to the above interesting explanation, women are  currently at mortality advantage”, Mr. Okwudeli Ezeemo said. “Beyond the negative behavioural or environmental factor that affect men more than they do to women, there could be fundamental differences in lifestyle that allow them  to benefit more from the general progress in health.
In given example, he added, “although women now participate massively in the workforce, their roles remain different and their professional activities are on average, less prejudicial to their health. Women often relate to their bodies, health and lives in general in a much different way than men do.
“Men are always submitted to risk and challenges from an early age. Women much more than men are attentive to their bodies and their needs and consult their doctors more.”
A civil servant, who does not want his name mentioned, spoke extensively. He however emphasized that it’s undisputed that men die more. He listed war, society pressure, imbalanced diet, infidelity, food consumption as other factors that has killed men more.
Mrs Okeke, a nurse, on the contrary said women die more. She insisted that a good number of women have died in child birth and that uncountable young girls have died during  abortions.



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