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Apostolic Faith church holds 2019 youth programme



YOUTH Weekend is a gathering of young people from the ages of 13 to 40 years. The event is dimensioned to meet the need of every group of young people. It is a multi-choice of programmes, allowing every one to enjoy as many as they want and its objective is “to raise and retain an army of outstanding young people, going to heaven and persuading others to come along”.
2019 youth programme for Awka zone took place at the Apostolic Faith Church, Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area and was well attended.
Discussing the theme of the year, ‘ Friends and Influence’, the music Director, Awka zone Ebere Onwuka, made the youths to understand that “he that walketh with wisemen, shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. ‘Everyone exerts an influence on some others, and in turn is acted upon them. ‘There is tendency in human nature to the imitation of what is wrong, but not at least in the same degree to the imitation of what is right.’
Onwuka, pointed out that youths need help from God through salvation of their souls to at all times imitate what is right and that which brings blessings and favour of God, as she maintained that ‘A saved soul is a light, sun beam and salt that should flavor the world and influence others towards the right.
While handling the topic ‘maximising your potentials, Onwuka, taught young people how they can excel in their careers of choice, learn Google digital skills and pointed out that the programme was meant for higher institution students, serving corps members, employed and unemployed youths, entrepreneurs, artisans, amongst others.
Stressing further, Onwuka asked “Where comes wisdom? Wisdom comes from God, Jesus is wisdom, strive, learn all that is learnable. Be somebody the owner of business or government will rely on, don’t play double standard rather emulate Daniel and his friends in the Bible.”
In a sermon titled ‘free from bondage’ to mark the end of morning section, Nneka Ayiba, urged youths to seek God’s amazing grace to bring them closer to God through Jesus.
To mark the end of the two day event, an ‘Evening of songs, was held, where the choir and orchestra aired gospel hymns.
Reacting at the end of the Evening of songs, the Assistant Overseer, Anambra District, Austin Chike said ‘it is an interesting event. Youths gave their time to praise God. God in turn sent his blessings on all who graced the occasion, they should keep it up”.
Speaking, Awka zonal coordinator, Nwonye Samuel said “Music is food for the heart, God sometimes sends his message to man through music, praying God to bless and keep the musicians.
Contributing, Pastor, Apostolic Faith church, Awka, Sebastine Onwuka, thanked God for the special event, describing it as a wonderful outing, praying God to bless the choir members and the church as a whole.

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