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Woman with decaying body healed through herbs



REPORT of the surprise healing of a woman with a lacerating body who was deemed destined to die soon made the prime chat point around Awka earlier in the week. A visit to the alternative healing home where the healing happened buttressed the development. Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration(CPHA), chief executive, Flora Ifeanyichukwu Ilonzo, explained how they recorded another major achievement in natural medicine recently through the reviving of an almost dead woman whose body was already decaying with herbs.
Speaking to National Light in an exclusive interview in her centre at Awka, Anambra State, the well known psychic and herbal use expert disclosed how the healing of the lady, Nneka Maduaburochukwu happened. “As at the time Mrs. Maduaburochukwu was brought to CPHA, many people including her relations had lost hope that she would survive  the illness that made all her body parts to be decaying”.  Chief Ilonzo also used the occasion of the interview to recall her past activities and how she started the work of using herbs to treat people. She noted that the patient’s situation when she was brought to her was precarious.
She said that when Nneka was brought to her centre, blood was coming out from all over her body.
According to her, the woman’s illness was not natural as she claimed it was caused by a diabolic person who had wanted the woman to die.
“The body of this patient was peeling and she was experiencing terrible pains in her whole body and after one week, she was brought here, she started to regain consciousness and could even stand on her feet because she was bedridden and was very unconscious before,” Ilonzo informed.
The psychic said that she used a plant called “Akpu ogwu (cerb pentadia), Igbo salt and coconut to heal the disease she called: enyi-ule, (peeling of the body like in a burnt person).
She also used the opportunity to disclose how her centre had healed some of such critical and mysterious ailments in the past, particularly those who their relatives and doctors had already declared dead.
According to her, ”they brought one Damian Odo. He was almost gone. Because of odour, people don’t come near him. His people had already dug a grave for him to be buried. Since 1982, I started talking on radio. They decided to bring him to me after hearing of me… because I always say that God has every plant for the parts of our body. They said the woman claimed to heal virtually every illness.
“From our hair to toe, God has plants for them. I gave him, Mr. Odo a plant and that made him to sneeze. The man, Damian, who was almost gone and decayed, started regaining consciousness. It was recorded in video.

Mrs. Maduaburochukwu before she was healed

Later, they sent it to NTA and when it was used, some people from the US came and wanted to know how we treated him and I gave them the name of the plant and they were amazed. I did not hide anything from them.
“My parents introduced me to a live plant called, O daa opue. The plant has been very useful, I used it on Damian Odo and he is still alive now.
“There are other cases of persons who were almost pronounced dead and I had to treat them. The first plant I used is Odaa opue. The CNN used it and one organisation called me from Germany. I went to Germany and these Europeans desired to be at my health Centre and I brought them here and showed them virtually every plant and told them what each does.
I didn’t hide anything from them. Europeans and Americans were here and my story was used in CNN where they translated the contents of what I said in many languages. Prime people have been using my stories and activities which many people after reading would come and visit this place.
In defense of phytomedicine, they actually wanted to know how  one on oxygen can be revitalized. They brought persons that had spent about three months in the hospital after they claimed they were dead and even pronounced so.  It was the Odaa opue – life plant that I used to revive them.
“I was given award for my activities; by God’s grace, by some foreign bodies. Drug Information Agency gave me certificate as a member of DIA; that I have the ability to ascertain what kind of trees, leaves, roots that can heal people.

Mrs. Maduaburochukwu as captured by our reporters on Tuesday.

There is the signature theory of the plants which tells you the kind of plant that can heal a particular illness. Trees don’t talk but some parts of trees can heal one illness or the other. When I visit a community, I used to ask them the name of a particular plant. Some people don’t like to disclose it and unfortunately, their children were not thought by them.
“The signature theory, like I said earlier, is the ability to read a particular leaf or tree. Like in yam, we have male and female yams. They call it Ji Aga. All yams are not the same. Ji Aga is for fertility. With the assistance of DIA, we can ascertain that there are male and female yams. Also, there is a place in Ogun State we did a research to find out that people normally eat a particular yam and they usually give birth to twins.
“I want to thank the media, especially National Light .They have been using my story dating back to Daily Star era. I am happy to be in Anambra and also an Igbo woman. It was Daily Star that used a story about a woman that died on the bus and they went out to buy a coffin. The daughter took the death certificate and rushed the woman presumed dead to me. Mrs. Nnoli, who was brought to me, was given the Odaa opue- life plant. She sneezed and came back to life. That was in 1982. She was brought to me from Parklane.
“I want to commend and express my gratitude to the media, particularly National Light newspaper, Mrs Unoka Ekwegbalu, the current managing director of National Light, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, NTA and, CNN for using my stories which attracted foreigners to my centre with my recent invitation by United States of America”, she stated.
“Mrs. Unoaku Ekwegbalu helped me a lot in terms of enlightenment and awareness through the media. When Nnoli returned home, a lot of people ran away and her husband was amazed but I told them that nothing would happen to her.
However, some people whom we used the same life plant on didn’t come back to life, while others did. Because of Nnoli’s story, many started bringing their relatives to me for healing, especially those they had already lost hope on. The press has also written about Chinedu, who had a pile problem.
“Now, the one that is quite amazing is the case of Nneka Maduaburochukwu . This is the most recent case. Her body was decayed and swollen. She was brought on Holy Thursday before Easter. She was not on clothes when she was brought here. I was saddened when I saw her. I felt for her and wondered what one would do to anyone to wish another to be like Nneka.
Thus was her state of health when she was brought to me.It was only her hair that was a bit okay. Her body was peeling and blood was coming out from almost everywhere. Those who brought her from the vehicle had their hands stained by blood. She was unconscious; I had to use an antidote on her.
“My advice to people is to look for Igbo salt (nnu Igbo) and keep it. Anytime they travel they should take along with them. You can use the salt to treat any irritation or scratch on the body. It melts bacteria. When you use Igbo salt on earthworm, you will see how it will melt away. That is how it melts bacteria. You can easily find the salt in Ebonyi State.

“Europe, US and Asia have been praising and commending me unlike our people here in Nigeria. They send people here on regular basis on research and I help them. I remember when Ebola came to Nigeria, people were not shaking hands but there are plants to checkmate Ebola. I am also a psychic. I know that people are wicked and can be very diabolical.
That is why I ask people to bath with salt at times whenever they are to go to some places they are not sure of. You can use coconut to bath also. We used coconut to rob on Nneka’s body for a start when she came here. When I was treating her, two persons came from America. One was Dr. Nwachukwu Anikweze and others. they came to observe what I was doing. I conducted them round and when they got to Nneka, they said the patient was already dead but I said no, she was alive.
Later, on I called Dr. Anikweze to come and see Nneka and he was amazed and had to call some people in America. His question was if I had trained anybody or transferred the knowledge to others and I told him that my daughter-in- law had learnt a lot from me, including those that work with me”.
Talking about what she derives from treating people, Ilonzo said,” I derive happiness from treating patients. Nneka’s case also added much joy because it exposed my granddaughter to  what I am doing. My granddaughter is Adaeze Agunna.
She is only three years. Whenever I take people around, she will be asking about the names of the plants. The little girl now knows the names of 30 plants and their uses. Nneka’s coming has shown me the budding talent in my granddaughter.
The daughter of my gardener (botanist), Mr. Sylvester Nweke, Blessing, will also join me to the United States. She also knows about plants and trees. Blessing and other kids are in Safer Children Herbal Studies that has produced eight doctors, five pharmacists and two botanists. I have to ask why we Africans use our knowledge to destroy ourselves. A product that sells for N20 is used to kill a person. This is bad. While Europe and other developed countries use theirs for development, we use ours on negative things.
Ilonzo also appealed to state governments of south east, public spirited individuals and corporate bodies to come to the aid of the center based on hard medical cases that are brought there, particularly those of the down trodden people who troop to the centre.
“I am appealing to both the federal and state governments to come to my aid as this can be developed to save the lives of our people, especially in the South East. I am 74 this year and this is the first time I am appealing for assistance for this Centre.
We have been here for the past 20 years and different universities from this country come to learn about plants. I don’t take money from them. There are certain bad cases brought to this centre and at the end, they will be treated.
There are differences between traditional medicine and herbal medicine. This Centre is purely herbs. The efficacy of the plants in our area is usually higher than the ones abroad. Our own plants are stronger than those found oversees because our environment and weather is very okay.
I have defended this in most conferences I have attended. I have tried for my nation, I have tried for Africa and I believe it is time for people to come to help the centre to ensure that people are treated with ease.



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