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Septuagenarian seeks help to trace whereabout of step son



MADAM Okafor Elizabeth a  septuagenarian has made a passionate appeal to members of the public to help her trace the whereabout of only stepson  Mr Okafor Ikechukwu who she narrated his whereabout unknown to her since September 17th 2013 after he and his three friends, Daniel Nwoye, Felix Nwoye and Nonso Obiagu while conducting a Night vigil prayer in their house was attacked by strange mask wearing gunmen who were suspected to be devotees of a popular revered deity in their town Ebenebe, Awka North LGA, Anambra state who she said as been having a running battle with her stepson and friends who are a religious, human right activists an d moralists.
According to the old woman, the dreaded deity which is highly revered in the town by the native has a history where humans and twins were sacrificed in the olden days before the advent of missionaries in area.
Said the old woman, “since that incident nobody has told me whether my son and his friends are alive or not as feelers she was receiving from members of my family cannot give account of these young men whereabouts, I heard that from someone that those after my stepson life who I understand are highly connected has vowed to kill my son anytime they set their eyes on him as they are boasting that the police or whoever that is involved will not be able to step them, they are branding him Boko Haram, criminal and all sorts of bad name.
I cannot be able to go to the police because I don’t have money or resources to pursue it hence my appeal to good spirited people for help.
Reacting to this, Mohammed Haruna, a superintendent of police and Anambra State Police Public Relation Officer said that he is not aware of the matter noting that he could not know about the case as it happened before he assumed office. But a source from Awka North police division said that although they are aware but no such matter was officially reported to the police.



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