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Prostitution… not really the lustre



MOST often prostitutes suffer in silence, they hardly share their problems because of shame.
On Good Friday, a commercial sex worker buried her shame, came out nude and was seen pursuing a young man along a major road over #500 (five hundred naira) as the young man wanted to trick the commercial sex worker without paying her.
During the hot chase, the commercial sex worker was able to get hold of the young man and gave him the beating of his life. She broke his head, tore his clothes and nearly killed him but for the intervention of people around who intervened after videoing the incident.
As the prostitute was beating the man, she was shouting, who did you think you can trick? The beating continued until people learnt it was only #500 that was her due, and somebody volunteered to pay.
No one can exactly tell the source of the strength of the prostitute. Some people said she had suffered madness before, others said she may have acted under drug, that was why she was able to beat a man mercilessly.
Another prostitute striped herself naked before the public, crying and refused to be comforted as the man who she passed the night with ran away without paying her a farthing. She couldn’t endure the misbehavior of her lover rather continued crying looking for him. But she was unfortunate as the man went into thin air.
Reacting to the above issue, another prostitute opened up and said “gone are the days men cheat on us but now they must pay before service, that is why I make up to #40,000 a week after expenses, unfortunately I cannot account for the money”.
Commenting on the issue, a retired public servant, John Ukoh said “it is rare to find a prostitute tricked, the woman made mistakes by not receiving her pay before anything, it is unfortunate”.
Reacting on how to abolish prostitution, Ukoh said “Nobody can abolish prostitution, it is one of the oldest profession, it is not possible to abolish it”.
Stressing, a publisher, Gabriel Ani blamed the young man that tried to cheat a prostitute, he said “since he summoned up courage to go to a commercial sex worker, he should have paid, he disgraced himself.”
On a suggestion to abolish prostitution, Ani said “it is impossible, it is one of the oldest cheapest profession, look at how cheap it is, recently in Zimbabwe, when prostitutes had no customers and no food went after men, looking for who to sleep with to buy them a plate of food worth of #200 if converted to Nigeria currency; what a useless life?
In her opinion, a human right activist, Alice Aniago said “one thing with Nigerians is that they don’t keep to oral agreement, that is why some men who sleep with prostitutes try to cheat on them, it is wrong. One thing is clear, prostitutes use their profession to feed their families and take care of themselves, therefore, they deserve their reward”. But Aniago warned that “prostitutes should seek the face of God, repent, disengage themselves from such, join their parents to work and then get married if anyone seeks their hands in marriage. If they repent, good things will certainly come their ways”.
On how women, young girls find themselves in prostitution, an elderly woman Gladys Ugwu said “some girls and women have made up their minds to be there, frustration may be part of it, some girls and women are lazy. They don’t want to struggle and become useful in life but have chosen to destroy themselves in hotels”.
Stressing further, Ugwu said “Now look at this, I called a girl of 15 years old who lost her poor parents. I wanted to train her in school up to any level she desired if she could only humble herself and live with me. Alice turned down that golden offer instead lived in a hotel at Port-Harcourt”
Explaining further, Ugwu said “After a few years Alice contacted HIV/Aids, and retured back to the same village she did not want to live in and started to find fault with people, always ready to fight with people at little provocation, looking forward to a situation where she would die fighting with somebody”
But one day Alice died in hunger, in her sickness as people were scared of getting close to somebody suffering from Aids and she was buried without any burial rites”.
Contributing, a female journalist, Ogechukwu who spoke to National Light explained why some girls find themselves in prostitution, saying, “some people take to that profession out of frustration, poverty amongst others. Many people don’t actually want to be there but they are in conditions that they are confused and don’t know what to do to earn a living. They have no choice but to be there.
Driving her points home, Ogechukwu, was of the opinion that the women, girls in brothels are not the only prostitutes but there are women who operate from homes, while other girls do theirs from different institutions of higher learning.
Apart from being often cheated by men, prostitutes equally face other challenges. According to a Canadian report on prostitution and pornography, girls and women in prostitution have a mortality rate of 40% higher than the national average. They frequently indulge in abortions, suicide attempts.
International studies show that women in prostitution experience extremely high levels of violence such as beating, rape, torture and terror. Commercial sex workers are constantly subjected to  humiliation of all kinds, theft, physical sexual assault and health risks. In advanced countries reports show that prostitutes often do not seek counseling for their problems because they are suspicious of outsiders and authorities, fear and rejection. Studies equally show that commercial sex workers in Brothels live in extremely unhygienic conditions with very little food. sometimes, many girls are housed in a small room and medical check ups are fare to rare. Brothel ‘madama’ have regular quacks to treat commercial sex workers, who sometimes have to undergo dangerous and unhygienic methods of abortions.
Commercial sex workers have other challenges such as contacting sexually transmitted diseases which include Gonorrhea, Candidicisis, Cirvical cancer, Bacterial vaginosis, that is vaginal odor, vaginal tenderness , Tinea cruris which signs include genital ulcer, skin rash amongst others.



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