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School principals report progress as academic session gathers momentum



THE principal of Urban Girls Secondary School Onitsha, Franca Ego Obi has called on the legislator-elect for Onitsha South one constituency to complete the 3-classroom block in the College started by his deceased predecessor in office honourable Patrick Aniuno.
Speaking to the press in Fegge Onitsha, Dr. Obi disclosed that the uncompleted classroom block is the constituency project initiated by Pat Aniuno.
The principal requested that the project be completed to assist the college in its pursuit to advance qualitative teaching and learning.
Dr. Obi announced that the school according to its tradition commenced the third academic term with prayers at the assembly ground and resumption tests which were adequately conducted.
On a visit to Eastern Academy Girls Secondary School Onitsha, the press met the SS3 students getting set to take their Chemistry WAEC practical examination.
Speaking to the press during the visit, the principal of the College, Stella Umunna encouraged the students taking their WAEC examinations and those preparing for other examination this third academic term to be serious with their studies and avoid examination malpractices.
At the comprehensive Secondary School Nawfia, the principal of the college, Christian Ezeamaku noted that academic studies have since commenced with resumption tests held.
Mr. Ezeamaku expects that teachers and students take seriously the promotion of teaching and learning in the college.
It was observed during the visit to the college that SS3 students were being accredited for the WAEC Chemistry practical examination.
The Principal of Igwebuike Grammar School Awka, Raphael Anaekeokwu noted that the College registered a total of 181 students for the ongoing WAEC examinations with a zero tolerance to examination malpractices.
Dr. Anaekeokwu reported that the school provides alternative examination halls for the WAEC examination while awaiting the completion of the school’s main examination hall.
The principal reported that the school resumed for national academic programmes for the third term with over 97 percent record attendance by teachers and students and with the subsequent resumption tests done.

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