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Nwoye makes case for academic excellence



IN what can be described as an effort geared towards promoting academic excellence and  producing  students gifted and glib in oratory, the Founder and Director of Iyke Canada Writing Concepts (ICWC), Nwoye Ikechukwu Success, has published another book.
The  107 paged story book, titled, ‘Twilight Cot’,  is a throw-back to a disgusting past of Miss Brigs Akujiobi, the Proprietress of Deserved Scholars Accademy; a story of love affair she never wished had existed, leading to her taking a visceral decision she regretted eternally.
It is a dramatization of the dreams and aspirations of the author, and it portrays the roles of  fate or God in the affairs of men as shown in the life of Lucia Kings, a beautiful young woman with high power of the intellect and high moral conduct.
Lucia, through her unsurpassed academic prowess, and character  distinguished herself in all the competitions she took part in winning accolades for her school.
Through this book, the author condemned different vices practiced in modern day society, vices like premarital relationship and abortion. Miss Brigs Akujiobi, the Proprietress of Deserved Scholars Accademy,  gave birth to a child, a pregnancy she wished she never had.  For fear of dying during abortion, she dumped it in the forest. The aftermath of her action and what became the fate of that child are worth knowing.
Meanwhile,  Ikechukwu Success Nwoye, through his foundation, has promoted academic excellence through the various school competitions like ‘speak Up’ Competition, ‘Spell a Word competition’ and ‘ How to know Series’, a competition he organizes in collaboration with some radio and television stations.
Moreover, Nwoye, who  is also the author of: The Gadfly, Hopeful Attraction and Someday in Life’ is a  mass communicator from the University of Jos, Plateau State, and a historian in the making at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Nwoye  Success has in his own little way, contributed his own quota in solving the problems faced in education in contemporary Nigerian educational institutions, especially foundational classes like primary and secondary, by promoting excellence through exemplary parental role in the life of a child, as was the case with Lucia; exemplary instructor as exemplified by Jane, who was held in high esteem in her teaching profession in the school and through visionary leadership as exemplified by Mrs Briggs Akujiobi .
He says: “The difference between an ordinary pupil and an extra-ordinary pupil is excellence in action. Thinking of excellence without hard work …is simply wishful thinking.”
“For one to achieve academic excellence, one must aim high by always pushing for the best grades, be ruggedly determined, have an inquisitive mind, love your teacher, have a personal reading time table, do your homework and assignment without cheating, stop engaging in time-wasting activities like watching TV, surfing the internet, playing games at the expense of one’s studies, be a night reader while others are busy sleeping, start studying early and acquiring the habit of prayer without which excellence is impossible. Excellence is our watchword” (Page 37).
Twilight Cot is not without some faults. It has an interesting storyline not fully developed, and is replete with some typo, mechanical and organizational errors, which can be corrected. But these errors did not affect much the flow of the book.
The book is a compendium of vision of a good educationist  . It is motivational in nature and ethical in some ways. If schools like primary and junior secondary schools adopt it, it is capable of transforming an academic failure to a role model and also capable of igniting the burning fire of purpose to the purposeless.
In conclusion, it is a book every student, teacher and school owner should have. I, therefore, recommend it to all, for it is commendable.



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