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Education, tool for economic, socio-political devp – Nnamani



EDUCATION has been described as the vehicle for national growth and development, the enabler that shapes the pattern of economic and socio-political development. A viable means that informs Nigeria’s First Republic leaders to invest resources in establishing top tertiary institutions in the country.
Former Senate President, Ken Nnamani stated this at the 13th Convocation lecture of Nnamdi Azikiwe University under the theme, “National Integration, Peace-and-Development, heldat theUniversity auditorium in Awka.
He articulated that these institutions focused on human capital development which is fundamental to economic development, “it was no accident that our founding fathers focused so much attention on boosting our country’s human capital. These leaders recognized that the nation needs transformative leaders in order to transform its problematic institutions,” he said.
Nnamani argued that the collapse of quality higher education in Nigeria is one of the causes of national leadership deficit which ultimately contributes to the stunted national development. The central importance of education in national development is also because of its ability to create the values of civility, excellence, and professionalism that defines democratic society.
“One of the problems of democracy in Nigeria is the absence of normative foundation for the sustainability of democratic governance. In Western democracies, the social soil is made fertile by a culture of civility and public deliberation that conditions political leadership to legitimacy and accountability. These values are promoted by liberal education. This is why most advanced democracies and prosperous economies have thriving educations systems.”
Senator Nnamani maintained that beyond democratic civility, quality education is good for economic development because it engenders critical skills and capabilities required for economic competitiveness. He hoped that Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka would be a core institution that will help Nigeria develop the critical human resources and research insights that will lead-to our technological takeoff and sustainable economic development.
“The university is a nursery bed of national unity and integration. We construct our nationalities in line with the idea, the norms, and the lore we create as a knowledge community. So far, this university has proved itself worthy of the great name it bears. It is Azikiwe’s university. Like its namesake, it will lead Nigeria towards its manifest destiny.”



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