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Urgent need for Ndi Anambra’s support of fight against flooding



PROPER rainy season is poised to set in virtually throughout the country and Anambra State is one of the states that usually experience heavy flooding in previous years. Although, since the inception of the administration of  Governor Willie Obiano, the flooding is reducing.
To ensure that this year’s rainy season does not cause harm to our environment and particularly to eschew terrible flooding in the state, various measures need to be taken  and adhered strictly to by stakeholders.
Government should not be left alone in the prevention of flooding and erosion menace. It is the duty of everyone irrespective of gender to ensure that flooding is checked. Undoubtedly, the state government is expected to provide directive in this respect and it is also expected that it should embark on effective and efficient enlightenment programmes, using the media to educate and inform the people on what they expected to do.
There should be  removal of dirts, particularly in all drainages and gutters to enable rain water move easily and be channeled to rivers in most areas. This exercise must start with individuals living in the state, in front of their residences. There are gutters or drainage blocked by the silts or dirts and this needs to be attended to, especially in affected areas in Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi zones.
However, there is urgent need for government to partnerPresidents-general of town unions to achieve this goal. For grassroots participation, the local government councils must work hand-in- hand with the presidents general, who have their men and women in the wards. Of course, there should be compliance and it will only be done through enforcement.
Therefore, this is where security operatives, particularly police come in. Although effective mass enlightenment and education would do better but there is need to ensure compliance.
According to a resident in Awka, Pharm Albert Dada Oraka, a retired civil servant in the Ministry of Health, removal of silts or dirts in blocked drainage and channels is highly necessary to avoid flooding. He noted that clean environment would also help to eradicate some diseases, noting that some illnesses are due to environmental problems.
The pharmacist maintained that it is better to prevent flooding than to manage it, stressing that the havoc and problems associated with it are unimaginable and terrible loss to lives and property.
He therefore opined that people should assist government to serve them better by adopting more environmental friendly disposition for safety of citizenry and environment in Nigeria and Anambra State in particular.
Aside flooding, there is also the problem of erosion in the state. The erosion spots increase despite measures by state government to nip it on the bud. Chief Willie Obiano’s administration has done wonderfully well in this area through attracting federal government to work on some of the sites of erosion in the state, particularly in Nanka and Nnewi areas. When flooding is checked, erosion is being prevented equally and it is the duty of everyone in the state and the country in general. The risk of flooding must be reduced at it’s barest minimum. This could be done with more seriousness on promotion of proper waste management and inculcating the idea of cleaning our gutters or drainage all times.
Flooding, no doubt has sacked alot of people from their comfort zones in their residences in the state in pervious years but government has worked assiduously to ensure that the situation is reduced considerably.
To reduce the menace of flooding in the state, there is urgent need for ndi Anambra to provide adequate support to Governor Obiano led administration by engaging seriously in de-silting exercise, cleaning of dirty gutters, opening up drainage, ensuring clean environment and providing alternate ways for rain water.



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