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Robert Downey earns high in ‘Avenger’s Endgame’



THE upcoming and hopefully the last instalment of the Avengers film series stars are on the spotlight. The reason being that they are  handsomely rewarded. Interestingly, Robert Downey Jnr who plays the character of the Iron Man is reportedly being ranked as the highest paid artiste on the project with a mouth watering amount of $75m  due to the nature of the deal he signed with the company.
The Endgame is a big turning point for most of the characters we have known and loved since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began back in 2008’s Iron Man. While some may be moving on or renegotiating their contracts following the culmination of over ten years of story telling.
Other stellar acts who earn big includes, Chris Hermsworth’ Thor would earn $15-$20m for a renegotiated contract. Captain America character, Chris Evans would be earning almost the same figure as Thor.
Notably, the final instalment of Marvel “Avengers” generated some $1.2billion in global ticket sales; with over $350m in North America during its opening weekend. A feat that no other film in history has achieved.



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