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Make originality your trademark – Nwanna



THE newly appointed Dean of Faculty of Environmental and Geosciences, Cliff Nwanna has encouraged professionals as well as students to apply creativity and originality to their works.
According to the visual arts icon, “African artistes are considered mediocre as they have forsaken their first love. You should make your work stand out the test of time and seasons. By so doing, we would gain global recognition as others who walked on the lane before us. “
The professor made this comment at the third edition of the Uli Day celebration held at the residence of late Prof.  Uche Okeke last Friday.
He also urged members of thé public to recognise arts as à viable tool to socio -cultural development cum à source of GDP through tourism. Hé called for solidarity support from all government parastatals and private agencies to invest in the sector to boost thé awareness and importance of creative arts with reference to a high percentage of artists being the youths.
Thé occasion was graced by all lovers of arts, professionals, students and aspiring artists alike.
Thé Uli International Day is an annual event that has been set aside by thé Anambra chapter of Sociéty of Nigeria Artists to recognize thé artworks of thé legendary artist, Prof. Okeke, who is considèred to have elevated thé ideal of Uli to a greater dimension.  Upcoming ànd established writers also featured in the event where they showcased their arts and ôther ingenuity including dance and poetic recitals.
Thé chairman of thé occasion, Mr Otikpa, expressed gratitude over thé government support to thé successful hosting of thé Uli Day.
He said the celebration was in honour the artistic icon, Prof. Uche Christopher Okeke. The occasion took a dramatic turn as he went ahead to give Igbo names to visiting foreign guests from Germany who came to grace the occasion. To Medin, he gave the name Adaeze while Nina answered to Adaugo. He explained that the names were special to give them an African identity and a sign of official acceptance into the family of the Society of Nigerian Artists, Anambra State Chapter.
Prince Obi Igboamazu, who is one of the members of the local organising committee took the programme to height as he explained the aesthetics of the Uli designs citing instances of the use especially in Nollywood movies.
He opened that the history of tattooing could be traced to Africans especially Nigerians as the visiting whites observed our forefathers had such on their bodies. Additionally, the marking patterns of the Uli were a sign that a girl had reached adolescent. Also, It was regarded as a woman vocation in the olden times. Igboamazu threw more light to the facts of the markings.
According to him, the original uli liquid when marked on  desired parts of the body does not appear immediately until later.
“…….if you get to apply the original liquid derived from the roots to design your body, the result you see will be faint but after several hours, it will begin to come out with beautiful styles as designed. ……..”
He said this while the Ulimma cultural group were being marked with patterns on visible parts of the body. The dance crew entertained the crowd with their cultural vibes.
The chairman of the occasion expressed his appreciation for the overall success of the ceremony and promised that next year edition will be much better.
The Anambra based disc jockey, Flexy and SK treated the crowd to variety of post modern music.



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