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Encouraging synergy between govs-elect, legislators



THE feverish and anxiety-ridden 2019 general elections have come and gone. Nigerians no doubt prayed for peaceful polls and God in his infinite mercy answered the prayers which made it possible that Nigeria did not go in flames because of raucous quakes to win elections by fair or foul means.
In as much as there were pockets of violence during all the elections in form of vote snatching, brazen gambits of politically hired hoodlums and thugs, and unexpected intrusion of the military in some states known to exhibit volatility during elections,
Nigerians have cause to be thankful to the Almighty God for giving Nigerians another opportunity to strive to correct so many things in governance so that international community will no longer see us as people who are not serious to govern ourselves.
EVERY nation regards elections as very significant issue since it involves mass participation to elect those perceived as capable to govern at the respective levels of government. Elections constitute a veritable means of establishing the sovereignty of the people and widely regarded as the singular avenue to demonstrate that the people remain the masters while the elected are the servants.
The notion of service ought to exert humbling effects to engender synergy between the executive and the legislative arms of government to initiate policies, programmes and projects that will transform the living standards and material wealh and welfare of the people which government is all about.
IN THE states, the House of Assembly is composed of elected members from different political parties and the tendency has always been that the members of the parties different from the governor always constitute stumbling blocks to the passing of the annual budgets and use parliamentary privileges to sabotage or constitute great hindrances to the programmes and projects of the party in power in the state.
AS NIGERIANS expect the inauguration of the elected president, senators, members of House of Representatives, governors, and members of states Houses of Assembly come May 29, National Light wants to weigh in on the disheartening recurring unhealthy and destabilizing relationship between the legislative and executive arm of government and deem it expedient to exhort that the opposition parties’ legislators in the  various houses should shield their swords and cooperate with their respective governors to ensure that the overall interest of the masses incorporated in the policies, programmes and projects have seamless execution and not compromised because of inter parties’ tangles.
THAT is not to say that the opposition legislators in the houses of assembly should align with their colleagues who are of the political party with the governor to abandon constructive criticisms and due massive financial inducements succumb to the trend of becoming the proverbial rubber stamps to enable the governor engage in dubious exploits for his selfish ends, that of his friends, cronies and family members to the detriment of the much cherished good governance.
WE EXPECT that this period between now and the day of swearing in, there should be informal meetings between the governors and the newly elected members of the Houses of Assembly to familiarize themselves and stress the need that they have been fortunate to be given the mandate to put heads together to better see to the needs of the suffering masses.
PEOPLE who have the opportunity to travel to various parts of the country will testify that the issue of socio-economic growth and development has not impacted significantly on the overall physical and material welfare of the people. Poverty and penury is pervasive almost in every state of the federation. Education which is key to development is still in shambles, especially in the primary and secondary school levels.
Lack of teachers especially in the primary and secondary schools is a monumental problem since children at that level need strong educational foundation to prepare themselves for the existential challenges of life. If children do not get it right at that critical level of development, they will be doomed and find it difficult to measure up to the standards in a competitive world.
AGAIN, mere observation shows that even basic needs, facilities and infrastructures are still woefully lacking, especially in the hinterlands; and it seems as if the provisions of the states and local government councils’ annual budgets are like drops of water in the ocean of socio-economic development that will improve the living standards of the governed. In other words, the effects of the yearly budgets have not really been felt in the communities and the people have not registered significant improvement better in terms of quality lives.
SO IN this cheerless scenario, it behooves the House of Assembly legislators in all the states of the federation to put heads together to find result-oriented ways and means to cooperate with the governors to register significant impact in the overall wellbeing of the people who are the epicenter of governance. The people do not want to know the political differences in the legislative house; all they want is massive improvement in their welfare.
The hordes of unemployed and under-employed youths roaming the rural, semi-urban and urban towns are restive and would want to be meaningfully engaged in productive ventures that would make them self- sustaining, create wealth and reduce pervasive poverty which has been the harbinger of social problems like robbery, prostitution, kidnapping etc.
WE ENCOURAGE states to borrow a leaf from Anambra State government under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano to initiate community choose your project programmes to ensure that all communities in every state enjoy the dividends of democracy.



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