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Strengthening hospitality industry to boost tourism in Anambra



HOSPITALITY industry, if well harnessed, will boost state revenue effort and increase internally generated revenue (IGR).This is crucial at this time the president has signed the N30,000 minimum wage bill into law. Federal and state governments need more money to cater for the burden associated with the approved wage. Therefore, a more robust hospitality industry in the state will earn more revenue for the state government if well harnessed.
Efforts of Anambra State Government to know the number of hotels in the whole local government area is a proactive match in the right direction. After all, it is not how high you want to rise… it’s knowing how to takeoff. Again, you can set the highest aspirations and reach them. But first, you have to know how to get off the ground.
Efforts of the present government will yield considerable results in repositioning our hotels for efficient service delivery, upgrade some to international standards to help attract tourists in our state.
In this connection, according to Charles R. Whitelock et al in their book: Business Management- Basics, asserted that “Planning consists of a blend of short term and long term considerations. The ‘either/or’ syndrome is to be avoided: today’s actions must sustain the enterprise in the short term and lead to improve overall performance in the long term”
Again, “planning does not begin afresh each year. Rather, the overall plan is to be adjusted regularly as circumstances change”
The establishment of tourism development fund and having experienced representatives in the technical committee will help in boosting hospitality and tourism industry in our state-The Light of the Nation.
One good idea which will assist at getting it right this time is to organize a 21 LGA tourism roundtable forum for people to contribute their own ideas for a robust hospitality and tourism master plan.
Therefore, the need to motivate the hospitality industry is long overdue. A good idea could be to drive competition in the industry by encouraging proprietors of these hotels through their associations if there is one already in place. The one in Delta State, Asaba, in particular, functions very well. They are well organized and have meetings and discuss things concerning them.
There is need to set up hotel of the year award under the manager category. This is desirable to motivate people working in the industry.
The state government can also through the overseeing ministry, partner those who will like to help in organizing the awards – newspapers, businessmen, oil & gas industry and more.
Moreover, there is need for fast food, restaurant category under the continental restaurant of the year award.
This will go a long way towards inciting the hospitality industry and contribute to the development of a robust hospitality industry in the state.

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