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Remnant Mission Int’l celebrates Passover



READING has been described as a tool to stimulate the mind and vehicle to attain great heights, the force behind the transformation of nations, which nations has embraced it to advance their course, the creative platform that still drives the growth and development our changing world.
The priest in-charge of Remnant Mission Int’l Nonso Onyeagba has urged Christians to have patience with the Lord concerning his promises upon their lives.
He gave the sermon during Passover night at Remnant Mission Int’l Normu village Enugu-Agidi, saying that anything the Lord Jesus has spoken concerning His people must be accomplished no matter the time or age and the Lord has set aside the night to redeem his people from every of their struggling in life.
He added that during the time of Israelites in the land of Egypt that Lord moved with signs through Moses  and redeemed the people of Israelites from their task master that was oppressing them over a long time and the God of Egypt that the same God is here through the Passover will deliver them from all their problems.
Onyeagba said Passover is biblical, that it is a feast of unleavened bread which the master, our Lord Jesus celebrated in Luke 22 in an upper room with His discipline during his stay on earth. In his word, Jesus prepared Passover, that is why I am preparing the Passover like the master Jesus today. I decided to do the Passover because I am trusted to obey, obedience results miracles, simple obedience saved all the families of Israelites in the land of Egyptians of Jesus was not free, freedom will not come to mankind,” he concluded. He instructed the people to always obey God and walk in His way, saying when Christians do the will of God, he will save them like he did in the land of Egyptians, noting that the people of Israelites did not know that they will encounter red sea on their way but the Lord show his self might by delivering them from their enemies.
In attendance was the gospel artiste Chinyere Udoma who showered songs of praise with entertainment, she also admonished the people to always remain faithful and move in the way of the Lord and thanked the priest in charge of Remnant Int’l mission, Prince Nonso Onyeagba for his service to mankind.



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