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Experts highlight steps to foster creativity, unity through arts



ART is life and life revolves around the world or arts. This was the case at the International Sculpture Day Exhibition and Colloquium Celebration held in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts,  Nnamdi Azikiwe University yesterday..
The theme of this year’s celebration was tagged; ‘AWKA Sculptural Expression: A REBIRTH.’
In response to the ideation behind sculptural arts, a guest lecturer from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka , Mr Mbadima, lamented the challenges faced by artists especially in the international world. He went ahead to encourage undergraduates cum professionals to develop passion and creativity in making their arts original.
He also addressed the issue of storage of archives; a bodies of works by an artists which he keeps record of. Thus, our sect requires us to keep record of the various works done by each person.
“In thinking of archives. Think of what you want to do with the original version citing reference to the Michelangelo sculpture of the naked David”.
Another issue cited was the technological state of arts and sculptures in the society. Technology was introduced to advance the level of arts and sculptures to the globe hence we should flow with the trend as regards artworks.
Mr Anyaegbu Uche, a lecturer and staff adviser in the department spoke on the essence of arts in aesthetics. Hence, bringing beauty from ashes. He expressed optimism over the appointment of the professor of Fine And Applied Arts, Prof Cliff Nwanna as the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts, citing instances of his  (Nwanna) excellence and disciplined character that is peculiar to putting extra efforts in achieving laudable feats. He told participants that arts could be seen in every phase of life. In his words, “change the world with arts”. This, he believed will lead to maximum development of all sects of the society.
Another guest speaker who spoke during the workshop pointed out the essence of arts and sculptures in the society. For instance, automobile companies, production companies etc requires the expertise of an artist specifically a sculptor to designs and forms of their different machineries.
On his part, Prof Cliff Nwanna expressed joy over the success of this year’ programme. He further encouraged all and sundry, professional artists, as well as undergraduates and interested persons to buy the idea of arts and sculptures in making life memorable and in-depth study to creation.
“ Fine Arts is a very important aspect of life. It cuts across all facets of society. It is not merely drawing or painting. It is a broad world that is relevant to all……”
Furthermore, he reiterated over the stereotyped approach by parents or guardians over the choice of their wards choosing to study arts in the university. Nwanna said Art was powerful and artists are influential. The society will be incomplete without the presence of the Fine Artist which includes, painters, sculptors etc.
“……you cannot stop a child who is passionate to study arts from doing so. That’s how  powerful it is when someone resolves to study arts.
The workshop took place at the conference hall of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts. Thereafter, participants were treated to sightseeing of the various forms and designs of sculptures that are found in the galleria.

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