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Nigeria’s economy can’t grow without unity – Industrialists



A LAGOS based industrialist, Dan Ekwos,  has advised Nigerians to come together and work hard as a people for the common goal of developing the country for the overall benefit of the masses, saying that Nigeria as a nation has all it takes to advance, economically and socially and become one of the most developed economies of the world.
Speaking to newsmen in Ihiala shortly on arrival from his overseas business trip, Chief Ekwos, popularly known as Eze Gold,  remarked that the country is blessed with abundant human and material resources which if well harnessed, will make her a prosperous nation, end unemployment and poverty, and produce an egalitarian society where all will be happy and enjoy enhanced economic wellbeing.
The Ichie Ahamba of Ihiala pointed out that to achieve this global status, Nigerians must imbibe the spirit of love and mutual co-existence, see one another as brothers and sisters and be ready to offer help to another, especially the less privileged, shun ethnicity and any form of religious segregation to be free to live in any state, adding that these conditions create the enabling environment for peace, kindness and the necessary conditions for business to thrive.
The industrialist remarked that the present global economic meltdown with its inflation, unemployment, consistent job loses and poor G.D.P and with white collar job in extinction does not require anger, hatred, dichotomy, segregation in whatever form.
Ekwos, who is the Chairman/CEO, Ekwos Invest. Nig. Ltd. (Woods and Furniture Conglomerate), appealed to youths to queue into the federal, state and local governments skill acquisition programmes, to learn specific trade, come out self-reliant, set up their own businesses and employ others to contribute their quota to nation building.
According to him, “whatever Nigeria is going through today other advanced economies like Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Israel and even USA had gone through it, passed through many vicissitudes in the course of their development but succeeded because they were determined and dogged in the pursuit of their common goal”.
Ichie Ahamba warned youths whom he described as future leaders of the country to shun cultism, indolence, violence and all other nefarious activities that could jeopardize their life and quest for greatness, and, to be strong and brace up for challenges of life.
He commended Governor Obiano for his giant strides and developmental thrusts in all facets of the Anambra State economy remarking that his robust programmes and policies, and his administration’s value-driven leadership have brought unprecedented peace and progress to the state, among others.
He particularly praised Governor Obiano for introducing Community Choose Your Project Initiative, which is now in its third phase, describing the programme as “a sure way of actualizing grassroots development.

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