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Medics offer tips for longevity



RIGHT from  creation of the world, man  has often tried to perpetuate his existence by making advances scientifically and through other means.
His desire to achieve longevity has occasionally being thwarted or promoted through  his omissions and commissions.
Medical excepts globally have  made advances even from the time of St.Luke the apostle of Jesus Christ to other health practitioners to elongate man’s life span.
Speaking on longevity, a Former Awka zonal Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr. Oliver Onwughalu warned against factors that can affect longevity such as Over work and other negative practices.
According to Dr. Onwughalu, exercise should be done moderately and according to doctors prescriptions  for the aged, the right kind of food to be taken and efforts made to maintain a healthy weight.
The medical expert excepts the citizenry to adopt all positive lifestyles  that will promote  longevity.
In a related development, a member of the Nigeria Medical Association Awka Zone, Dr Ernest Ifebi noted that genetics only accounts for 20% – 30% of achieving longevity while lifestyle choices account for the rest.
Dr. Ifebi listed the Ten (10) ways to add years to our lives to include eating right, staying at a healthy weight, exercising regularly, quit smoking, stopping stress, sleeping well, Cancer screening, socialising, reducing alcohol intake as well as maintaining a clean environment.



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