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At ANPC, Easter reunion evokes, stakeholders’ confessions, reconciliation, prayers



 IT WAS an emotional moment at National Light Events hall on Tuesday, as Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation, ANPC, (publishers of National Light Newspapers, Ka O di Taa and Sportslight Xtra), held  a reunion meeting and prayer session with the Managing Director and CEO, Sir, Chuka Nnabuife calling for more unity amongst staff.
The meeting, organised by the ANPC leadership tagged: ‘Easter Reunion’ set out to bring all staff and retired staff home with the goal of forging a strong united front of all stakeholders. All opposing views in the organisation were vented and addressed in order to achieve a more efficient working condition;
even as the Managing Director on behalf of his predecessors, called on all who are unhappy with the organisation to understand and forgive. To his traducers, he asked for forgiveness in whatever wrongs he may have done in the course of performing his administrative duties.
Speaking during the event, a Catholic priest from St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, GRA, Awka, Rev. Fr Peter Andrew Ibeazor, made it clear that the gathering was primarily for confession, forgiveness and reconciliation in order to cement all cracks within the organisation and allow peace to drive their actions.
“It is only in an atmosphere of peace that there can be substantial progress. I can understand clearly that there are divisions and rancor in the working environment here. Some people may have been wrongly or rightly offended leading to strained relationship. This ought not to be in the first place and in the interest of peace and growth of the organisation you work in, there is need to close ranks and reconcile with each other.”

Rev Fr Peter-Andrew Ibeazor during the prayer session

The priest noted that the present leadership of the organisation may have inherited acts of  omissions or commissions of those who had played their part in the organisation’s history long before his (Nnabuife) arrival, but he presently bears all blames for whatever failings today.
He called on the CEO, Sir Nnabuife to sooth all frayed nerves with unreserved apology,  even in the circumstances that he may not have been responsible for the vexed situation; which Nnabuife humbly obliged.
He further cautioned both working and retired staff to desist from pulling each other down and urged them to help build each other for greater success of both the organisation and themselves.

Sir Nnabuife addressing the audience

ANPC CEO, Sir Nnabuife, in his remark, took responsibility of all that had not gone as some people expected and appealed to them to forgive him, respect God who has been called upon to direct the reconciliation event.
“I am very sorry. Forgive me in anyway I have offended you. Let us have a reunion”
He emphasised that he has no enemy to fight in the organisation and whatever decision that had elicited ill-will from any quarters had been managerial decisions. He noted that reprimands had always generated bad feelings but remain inevitable for administrative purposes, especially, when it becomes necessary to save the organisation.
He appealed to the priest for prayers to surmount many challenges confronting the organisation.

Comrade ABC Ubani, making a speech during the meeting

Chairman, ANPC Pensions Union, ABC Ubani, apologised on behalf of the union for  actions of  individuals in the union that may have obstructed progress of the organisation in any way, especially, those who engage in baseless petitions and acrimony, urging for synergy between the pensioners and current workers for collective success.
In her contribution, the Head of Finance, Obiageli Odiaka on behalf of ANPC management and staff thanked all who honoured the meeting and tendered unreserved apology to the CEO for all infractions committed by the staff against his person and the organisation.
Highlights of the event were expression of grievances from aggrieved persons, prayers for peace, purification of the environment, as well as entertainment.

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