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ANPC mourns Pastor Nwadike



  • Funeral holds Saturday

THE remains of the late Pastor Ifeanyichukwu Chukwukadibia Nwadike (former Izuegbu) will on Saturday, be buried at his compound in Umudiani kindred, Ojor village, Ojoto, Idemili South LGA of Anambra State.
According to a statement by his son, Chukwukelo Chibuzor Izuegbu, on behalf of the family, there will be a service of songs at his compound tomorrow, Friday, April 12, while his burial rites will hold on Saturday by Grace of God Mission, Ojoto, followed by interment.
The statement further disclosed that there will be an outing service at Grace of God Mission, Ojoto on Sunday April 14.
The late Pastor Nwadike, 77, who died in an accident on Thursday, February 28, was a retired photo Editor of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation, Awka, Publishers of Nationa Light group of newspapers.
While lamenting on his death, The Managing Director and Chief-Executive-Officer, Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation, publishers of National Light Newspapers,  Chuka Nnabuife, described Pastor Ifeanyi as “a frank man, though largely misunderstood; a true radical and non-conformist but very principled. He was a dogged believer in whatever course he deemed right”.
According to Sir  Chuka, “ I was one of the people that saw him last on the day he passed on; and what was remarkable the day he had the accident was that I saw him last. He came to ANPC for a meeting. After the meeting, he insisted on seeing me. We shared words of wisdom together, after which he prayed for me. I remember the last words he told me.
‘My God told me that you have no problem. Remain faithful. . You have no problem. It will be well with you. Don’t mind anybody’.’ “That was the major words in that prayer he said.  Through out the time I knew him, both of us had a healthy mutual suspicion of each other. In his mind, he always believed he told me the truth and nothing but the truth. In my mind too, I also told him the truth and nothing but the truth. But what has marked our meeting always was that he always had one naughty issue and  always wanted to get straight answer  from me. He was that kind of person that will also say ‘I put it to you’. According to him, I always tell him what comes straight to him.”
Chuka also described him as that type of man who believed he  could call you at midnight and say ‘I saw something in the dream. And he would believe that to be the truth. I will ask him what made him believe his dreams were always  true and we would argue over it. Occasionally too, he would even call at midnight to disclose his dreams to me too.
‘I just dreamt. You know I am a man of God. I would tell him Ok. It will be more real and right if you can sleep well. Make sure you arrange  you pillow and mattress very well. When next he sees me, he would say I know you don’t believe me, I will say why should I believe you; so it goes. This was the type of healthy banters we had.”
“ I thank God we had someone like him.  I mourn him. He was a true and frank radical. I will miss him healthily. The moments we shared last were healthy and memorable. I remember  the radical change in his faith,” he concluded.
Also, the Editor of National Light, Mrs Rose Oranye, who said she received the news of his death with the greatest shock, described the late Pastor Nwadike as a determined, hardworking and strong man, who was always ready to learn from anybody  despite his age.
“To some people ,Ifeanyi was a stubborn man but to me, he was a man who fought hard for what he believed in. As a professional, his life was exemplary from his days as a Photo Editor in National Light, through his many ordeals in sickness and in health, till his end as a true soldier of Christ. His life can be compared to that of St. Paul in the Bible. He actually fought a good fight of faith and finished his course. My Prayer is that God will grant his soul eternal rest”.
The Head Of Advert Department, ANPC, Mrs Ngozi Agusiobo in her tribute also described him as a God fearing, hardworking and good man, who among other things, struggled to transfer all the property belonging to ANPC from Enugu to Awka when Anambra State was newly created, adding that he was a cheerful giver, and also worked assiduously to ensure that the pension and gratuity of all retirees which was delayed for 25 years were given to  them.
“ Ifeanyi is a God-fearing man even unto death. Last year, he came to my office requesting for a change of name from Izuegbu to Nwadike. I asked him why the change of name even after his retirement. He told me that he wanted to disassociate himself from any form of idolatory. Among all the pensioners, he was the only one that  checked on me each time he came. Surprisingly too, he even gave me and my children some token when he received his pension,”she said.
The H.O.D Circulation,  Obiageli Azike,  described him as jovial, adding that the news of his death, after her discusiion with him the previous day taught her that death can come at any time.
H.O.D Account, ANPC, Mrs Obiageli Odiaka, described him as a hardworking, god-fearing and philanthropist, adding that he was also the only pensioner who came back to appreciate her in cash after receiving pension/gratuity.

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