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My music informs , reforms society – Mchorus



Gospel music seems to be the rave of the moment thus giving room to the artist to inspire and change lives. Mchorus Ugoaro is an up-and-coming gospel music act who is impacting lives with his music. In this chat interview with National Light’s IFEANYI NDUKWE, the artist shares his story as he journeys to stardom, the challenges and prospects for rookies and the way forward. Excerpts:
WHAT genre of music do you do?
Basically, I believe an artist is a messenger. You send a message when you sing. However, I specially do Gospel, RnB and Jazz music.
Officially, how long have you been in the music industry?
(Ponders) honestly, I have been doing music since I was a kid. Like you ask with the word ‘official’ in quote, I will say since the year, 2010.
What motivated you to go into music?
Just for the love of music. I have a great passion for music and so, I want to affect lives positively with my kind of music. This was enough to push me to action.
How would you rate the level of music in Nigeria especially in the South East and South South region?
So far; So Good! It’s on the increased measure now than back in the days. Today, a good number of people are beginning to listen and appreciate good music.
By your experience, what can you say are the major challenges facing upcoming artistes in the industry?
Some are not skillful enough and don’t want to improve on what they have while the society on its own is improving faster than they think. So they can’t dish out what people will appreciate. Then secondly, finance especially in aspects regarding artiste promotion. You need a lot of money to make music work. Where one has garner skills plus passion, money comes in to furnish the work to perfecto (Spanish meaning perfect in English).
Which artiste inspires you the most?
I admire and respect Travis Green. He knows his onus. I admire his works to the fullness.
Has there been any best moment?
(Chuckles) Hmmm… I have a lot of best moments because I’m born again. Secondly, I feel honored whenever I sing and people are blessed.
Do you have any album or single that is currently on air?
Yes of course and more are yet to come.
What is your take on the idea of sex and drugs that is the order of the Present Day secular music?
You know the Bible says that the devil came to kill, steal and destroy what God has made and you know that music is a very sensitive tool that you can use to penetrate the society and once the devil discovers that there’s a star following you, then he follows you back just to use you to influence people wrongly but the Bible says we’re not ignorant of the devices of the devil and He said we should resist him and he will flee…
If you were not doing music, what else would you be doing?
(Laughs) I’ll still be doing music my brother because there is no me without it and with it, I change lives.
How do you relate with your fans?
I’m one play play boy oo (speaks in pidgin English). Everyone is equal so I treat all as friends.
What measures do you think the government should adopt to help encourage and accelerate the success of upcoming artistes?
They should organize more concerts and talent hunts to support and encourage young willing youths with skills and create institutions where people can go and develop their God-given talents because Nigeria is one blessed nation I know. We have everything complete – from academia to inventors. Virtually, you get everything you want to get from amongst the people.
Any final word to your fans and upcoming ones in the industry?
No matter your condition or the condition of the environment you find yourself, don’t ever think small because there’s greatness in each and every one of us. Think positively always and never you take NO for an answer or give in to rejection.

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