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Many spooked on Fools Day



APRIL 1st every year is an annual celebration commemorated by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.
The jokes and their victims are called April fool. The pranks also allow researchers to compare what false narratives look like.
This day is one of those days one don’t believe everything immediately because many people would brake news of false death, false visit and so on
It is a day to get creative, be silly and make people laugh, including sending someone on a ‘fools errand,’ looking for things that don’t exist and trying to get people believe ridiculous things. It is one of the light hearted days of the year.
Some of the people who shared their views on this year’s April Fool’s Day, held on Monday, said it was always fun when you prank someone but can be annoying sometimes when you become a victim.
Joseph Ezeudu, an undergraduate shared his exipience: “I remember back then in boarding house, after jumping down from bunks, scrambling for safety with drowsy eyes, only for our Senior to shout April fool! It was a false fire alarm.”
John Mbakwe, a barber said, “my girl called me saying she was pregnant. Though I was happy, she later told me that it was a joke”.
Uju Okeke, a tailor said she had never been pranked before simply because she is always mindful and careful every first day of April. She however said she would simply snap herself with a sniper at her hand and send to all her family members with the caption, “I want to commit suicide”.
David Nzediegwu, said, “When I was younger, my friend lied to me that my mother asked him to tell me to slaughter our only goat which I did. I was beaten mercilessly.”
Obinna Nwankwo, a civil servant said, “My friend called me saying he is in Awka; that i should come to the park to pick him. I left office and rushed to the park. I looked all round but couldn’t see him until he called back and said it’s April fool. I felt stupid”.



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