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N’Osaka speaks on her experience with S’Williams



IN AN interview with Vogue Magazine, Naomi Osaka said that her US Open final win over Serena Williams was not a negative experience for her. The American player argued with the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos, and Osaka barely celebrated following the win.
“It’s kind of weird to hear people say that. The only thing I can do is keep moving forward and keep trying my best”, said Osaka. “I just started thinking that I’m in a Grand Slam. I shouldn’t be sad—I’m playing against a really great player, so I should just enjoy my time and try and put all my energy into doing the best that I can on every point”.
For Osaka, giving the 100 per cent in every point is the key: “I can’t really think of a moment where I was playing something, and I didn’t want to win.” Osaka did not have some great results following her maiden career-title in Indian Wells last year, which could have raised some doubts about her consistency.
“I was pretty desperate, and in the second I just wanted to win really bad, because I didn’t want to lose two in a row. The third match I just wanted to play well. I thought that was probably the most realistic way of thinking”, she admitted.
However World No. 27 seed, Hsieh Su-Wei pulled off a stunning upset at the Miami Open on Saturday by defeating the current World No. 1 tennis star, Naomi Osaka.
Hsieh of Chinese-Taipei used her unorthodox style to defeat the Japanese-Haitian superstar athlete in three absorbing sets 4-6, 7-6, 6-3. Osaka had taken the first set but Hsieh took the last two sets by showcasing her shot-making prowess. Osaka is yet to react to her latest shocking exit, meanwhile she has a lot on her plate, as she prepares to fight legally against her former coach.

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