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Lagos refutes existence of ‘racist’ Chinese restaurant



LAGOS State Government has debunked a media report which accused an Ikeja based Chinese restaurant of engaging in racial discrimination against potential Nigerian customers recently.
According to a statement issued by the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, officers from the ministry who were sent incognito to investigate and verify the claim, noted that the allegation was found untrue and false.
The release stated that the officers were admitted and served at the restaurant without any form of discrimination, revealing that the restaurant had a number of Nigerian employees while pepper soup was also an item on the menu.
It added that the restaurant had been registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture since 2016 as required by law.
The statement, however, maintained that as the regulators of eateries, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality facilities in Lagos State, the tourism ministry will conduct further investigations to verify the claim of racism leveled against the restaurant and its subsidiaries.
Meanwhile, clarifying this issue further, the restaurant director, a Nigerian , Mr. Niyi Adegbite explained that there are two sections in the restaurant — a regular one and one that is strictly for Chinese.
Adegbite said, “I want to debunk all the allegations. The restaurant is open to everyone. But you know, Chinese restaurant is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Nobody can just enter. I’m a Nigerian and how can I prevent my fellow people from entering in? But, of course, it’s for gentlemen, not for everyone.”
“The restaurant is divided into two sections. There is one open to the public and there is one called ‘Hot Spot.’ The hot spot is where you enter and cook on your own. All the ingredients are made available. But it’s only for Chinese nationals. Maybe it’s this one that some people tried entering and were disallowed and is now causing the outcry.”

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