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WWE: Koffi’s Wrestlemania title chance crushed



KOFI Kingston will not be going to WrestleMania to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, after he was eliminated out of his gauntlet match by WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon,
Kingston faced a nigh impossible task; defeating five of the best wrestlers that the blue brand has to offer to earn a shot at the WWE Title, and although he overcame all challengers in an hour long effort, Vince McMahon had a surprise in store for ‘The Dreadlocked Dynamo’.
Kofi began by beating Sheaelimus via a well-timed Trouble in Paradise after a gruelling opener in the gauntlet, Cesaro soon followed suit after Kingston nailed him with an SOS. Despite getting himself disqualified due to a chair shot on The New Day member, Rowan appeared to have left easy pickings for Samoa Joe, who followed Daniel Bryan’s heavy.
Indeed as the United States champion was making his entrance, Kofi was barely able to stand thanks to Rowan putting him through the announce table with an Iron Claw Slam. Nevertheless, Kingston secured another win after reversing Joe’s Muscle Buster into a roll-up.
The ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ snapped and almost choked the challenger unconscious prior to Randy Orton’s arrival. The result seemed inevitable as ‘The Viper’ circled his prey, but after avoiding an RKO, Kingston seemed to have punched his ticket to WrestleMania thanks to another surprise roll-up.
However, just as the celebrations were about to begin, out came Vince McMahon to announce that Kingston had one more opponent…the WWE champion Daniel Bryan.
Despite a valiant effort, the previous matches caught up with Kofi, and Bryan was able to defeat him via a Running Knee.

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