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Where’ll next building collapse?



FOR  some time now, the question is no longer whether there’s a roof over stet head. It has stretched to whether the roof over the head is standing on strong foundation or merely wobbling on quicksand, ready to come tumbling down just next second. Of course, gory tales out of this scenario are not only denominated in ghoulish human losses and environmental slurs, but has also degenerated to another tell-tale economic dynamic of modern Nigeria – east, west, north and south. 
The last stop was Lagos, but none knows where will be its next port of call. A 10-year-old schoolboy was cut down on his birthday. Mrs. Adedayo Adedoyin lost one of her twin daughters, with other parents going home with one woe or another while proprietress of Ohen Private Nursery Primary School, who was also crushed to cruel death under rubbles probably bringing up the soprano pitch of this elegy that recently put her school on map of national tragedy. Death toll has since risen to eight people – and may continue to rise because about 41persons rescued from debris are still on admissions at different hospitals in Lagos.
It may no longer be news that tragedy struck for both pupils and teachers when a three-storey building housing their school at Lagos Island came down on its knees, without prior sign, on a day that will remain black Wednesday for them. And, predictably, Nigerians quickly rose for next round of play after greeting this tragedy with their traditional crocodile tears.  But just two nights after, on March 15, another two-storey came crumbling down in Ibadan, suggesting that last may not have been heard about incessant building collapse.
After all were 11 persons not trapped when a building collapsed in broad daylight at Okpuno, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State as late as October 2018? By police account only one person later died from the disaster but this does not rob any ‘shine’ from this other dark spot of Nigeria.
And, not long before then, around July of the same year, another four-storey building under construction at Owelle-Aja Layout, Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State had collapsed. Although workers had not come for that day, the incident nevertheless marked up the toll of this national shame.

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