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Tips for hitting pop music limelight



IN THE early 80s and 90s, musicians faced public persecutions. That period saw the trying moments for both music and movie artists. Why, you may ask? One of the major reasons was hinted on the stereotype that they were riff-raffs, drug addicts and majorly school dropouts.
Today the reverse is the case. Ask a kid of 12, what or who he would love to become. He institutively points a picture of Ronaldo (soccer) or Reekado Banks or John Legend. The tactics to winning this new game of chess has changed for the better. The art world seems to be the winning team. National Light took a study to bring to aspiring and uprising musicians tips to make it to the top of the billboard with less time and stress.
The first major decision you must take is the choice of your music family that is the record label print. Listening to Simisola, aka Simi, tell her story to stardom is very inspiring. Hers was preparation meeting opportunity. According to the Joromi crooner, the beginning of an artist success is the family backing such artist,
  “I took the decision to join X3M record label because of the spirit of sportsmanship. It had the right family. We are very supportive of one another. We sing, work and live as one.. ..”
Supporting the claim of Simi, Chairman of the record label X3M, Steve Babaeko, also bared his mind on the selection and signing of an artist. According to him, the criteria to him agreeing to sign an act are based on originality.
“We have come ä long way in the business. We don’t just sign an artist because he can sing. Music demands much more than that .It demands craftsmanship and originality. Hence, our watch word is creativity and originality. ”  The next question is: What should the rookie do to speed track his success. Below are few steps to consider on your career journey;
* believe in yourself. Believe also in ä superior infinite power.
*Practice. Then practice again and again. In the early 1990s, musicians in Nigeria were considered to be unserious persons and school dropouts. That was the stereotype in those days. Today,  it is ä different ball game. Did you just ask why? Because those involved took it serious and change the perception. Today, you can bear witness that most music artistes are well grounded academically.
*train your voice to sound better than it is before. Irrespective of the key you sing well, practice to sing other keys. This makes you dynamic and shows ä form of professionalism.
*Get yourself ä manager who believes in your dream. If you have to do it as the Williams sisters, fine. If you decide to do it as the defunct PSquare,  no problem. You might be satisfied with the choice like that of Rihann, just make it professional. If he or she believes in you, he will stick and walk with you to the top.
*Go for live events. For example, if you are ä RnB singer and you hear or know of an event happening close to your locale with ä special guest in person of Praiz or Timi Dakolo. What are you waiting for?  Go there. After the guest has performed, walk up to him or her with boldness and exchange contacts. They don’t bite. Besides, few years back, he was like you. Hip Hop artist, Phyno tells of such story in the track, “Good Die Young” relating it to his meeting with the late MC Loph.
*Make use of any opportunity to showcase your talents. Recall that most trending artists like Mr. Timaya will always tell of their past opportunities with their local church. Even late Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie started from the church. Make every effort to perform.
*Exercise. This comes in two aspects, the exercise of the mind and bodily exercise. Frank Edwards shares an original story saying he spends time to read ministry materials that propels him to write and sing with so much power. Also, take time to exercise your body. It profiteth ä little.
Till we meet again in the next edition. We will be sharing success stories of few trending artistes of your interest.



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