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Obiano: Five years of bold grassroots devp, promise-keeping



TODAY marks Governor Willie Obiano’s first year in office in his second tenure and five years in office as the governor of Anambra State.
FROM the day he assumed office on March 17, 2014, Anambra has recorded tremendous achievements in terms of infrastructure and other areas of intrinsic treasures that have implicitely added a lot of value to the lives of the state’s citizenry.
THERE is no doubt, especially to those who have been following the politics of the state closely and comparing the performance of her several administrations critically, that Obiano has against all odds, succeeded in restoring the people’s confidence in governance through his enviable legacies, forthrightness and delivery of his campaign promises.
THESE have spurred ndi Anambra to give him full support as manifested in the 2017 governorship election where the governor scored 21/21, beating other 36 opponents in all the 21local government areas of the state and the just concluded House of Assembly elections where the governor’s party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) scored 24/30, winning majority of the House of Assembly seats.
ON HIS assumption of office, Governor Obiano made clear his vision and mission for the state in line with his four pillars of development – Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Trade and Commerce and Industrialisation; with their enablers – education, health, environment, sports development, security, transportation, infrastructure, housing and urban planning, women and children and social infrastructure which he has pursued vigorously; producing great impacts in all the sectors.
TODAY, Anambra State has not only become an investment destination for foreign and local investors but has continued to achieve more with less through well articulated policies and programmes.
IRRESPECTIVE of minor crimes like the activities of pick pockets and cultists recently in the state, Anambra has remained the safest state in Nigeria since Obiano’s administration came on board, which was equally proved in the just concluded general elections where the state recorded the lowest level of electoral violence throughout the federation.
This great achievement was made possible by the governors quick response to security issues through the strengthening of the police and other law enforcement agencies, including community vigilante to enhance efficiency as he promised ndi Anambra five years ago.
WHILE most states with  higher reaps from the federal allocations than Anambra could not even pay workers’ salaries, Obiano never wasted time in payment of salaries and pensions. Rather, he increased workers’ salaries, gave them promotions and other incentives. He even went as far as clearing the backlog of pension and gratuity arrears owed workers of Anambra Newspapers Printing Corporation (ANPC), Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) and Anambra State Water Corporation, among others.
THE creation of Anambra State Investment, Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA) and Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA), together with a partnership with Innoson Kiara Academy, setting up of different skills acquisition centres through his wife’s caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ) with Anambra State Ministry of Social Welfare, Children and Women Affairs, among others,  have not only helped to create jobs and empower the less privileged but have been boosting the state’s economy in no small measure.
ALSO, the ‘Community Choose Your Project Initiative’ introduced by Governor Obiano, which is presently in its third phase has been given economic respite to the people as through the scheme, the rural economy is stimulated, placing more income in the hands of villagers who execute the projects under supervision of relevant state ministries.
THE governor has equally been empowering individuals who form co-operative societies and has made a lot of money through yam and vegetable exports which in 2016, attracted the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to give out three pumping machines each to about 10 co-operative societies and distributed scent leave seeds and organic fertilizer to farmers to produce more scent leaves for export.
THESE boldly impactful deeds and more are exactly what he meant while reeling out his plans for the state after taking his first oath of office in 2014 when he stated, “The remarkable thing about the blue print is that it is centred on the family. When we create jobs and boost the earnings of workers, we are strengthening the family.
When we subsidise education and revolutionise health care delivery in the state, the family is the ultimate beneficiary. When we secure our communities and build new estates with first class infrastructure, we reinvigorate the family.”
Governor Obiano has also kept his promise of addressing the people’s clamour for a capital city that fully reflects the essence of the people through the construction of three giant flyovers in Awka, lighting of major roads and streets and resuscitating night life in the capital city.
EVEN the Akulueuno gospel that the governor has been championing was part of the promises he made from the inception of his administration.“To our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, I say don’t forget whose children you are. The easy comforts of exile maybe sweet but nothing compares to the fulfillment of a life among your people. Bring home your dollar and your skills.   Anambra State needs you. Nigeria needs you,” Obiano said.
THIS is unprecedented in the history of the state as ndi Anambra now has a governor that not only says what he will do from the first day but continues to do what he said and even more.
As we congratulate the governor for clocking five years in office with a lot of achievements to show for it, we urge him to look into areas like construction of rural roads and curbing the erosion menace that has been posing a lot of problems for most communities in the state. He should also continue working to complete and commission ongoing projects inherited by his predecessor while commencing his own projects as he has been doing.
WE ALSO urge ndi Anambra to continue to support the governor massively as they demonstrated in the last two elections in the state.

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