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Medicare should be made closer, accessible to people – Eleruanya



 THE essence of good health care delivery is to make health services closer and accessible to the masses at all level.
This statement was made by the Managing Director of Human motion rehabilitation Centre, Eleruanya Chiedozie in commemoration of governor Obiano’s five years in office and commencement of his second tenure.
According to him, no doubt the governor has done so well in his first tenure especially in the medical field, he however implore him to do more especially by making medicare accessible and closer to the populace across the state.
Mr Eleruanya who is prosthetics and orthotist that help physically challenged individuals get back on their feet and give them a second chance to achieve their dreams. Said, though a lot of people are not aware that they can get this kind of services here in Anambra, noted that people travel outside the state as well as overseas to get such services, that Anambra is a developing state where peculiar services  of this nature is accessible.
The state is now a veritable land, what many people travel far to get is now here in the state, most of our patronage come from outside the state especially orthopedic hospital Enugu, I want ndi Anambra to always patronize their own.”
The MD commended the state government for various developmental project across the 177 communities in the state as his presence has been felt at all levels.
However, he implore him to continue in that line and not allow ndi Anambra to feel that he is  no longer working.
Moreso, he highlighted on the importance of good health services to the people, “though in our field much of government attention has not been felt but we are hopeful, because it’s a peculiar kind of field.
The human motion rehabilitation centre is a place that has the goal of rehabilitating those that are physically challenged.
We try to see how we can rehabilitate and return these individuals back to normalcy to help them do things that normal people does.”
On the challenges with patients, he said if they individual adhere to the advise while on training they will leave normal life.
“if we say wear your foot abduction brass for 23 hours or use the parallel bar or walking frame to ensure your security, obey the instruction, with time you will get use to the new status and you’ll be fine.” He said.
Parents and care give should assist in obeying most of these instructions and there won’t be any room for regret, he advised.

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