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From 21/21 to 24/30: How Obiano’s style made the difference



 IT WAS a  landslide victory when Governor Willie Obiano of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) won in  all the 21 local government areas of Anambra State, during the November 18, 2017 governorship poll.
The unprecedented overwhelming victory gave him the appelation, the 21/21 governor. In the just concluded Anambra State House of Assembly election, his party, APGA won 24 seats out of the 30 seats up for contest. While the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) got six of the seats, leaving the All Progressive Congress (APC) and other parties in the state without any seat  in the state’s legislature.
Pundits deem the recent result as an indication that the electorate are very happy with what the governor and his party are  doing in governance across the state.
Commending the people for their massive support and impressive turnout during the election, the governor said that the 2019 general elections confirm Anambra peopl’s faith in his governance.
According to Chief Obiano, ndi-Anambra also used the medium to  inspire the world with their love of democracy appreciating enduring development that comes from it.
He described the support of ndi-Anambra as equally inspiring to him while challenging because it makes everyone in his government to find a need to constantly seek and attain greater heights for the benefits of the people. He dubbed the overwhelming support for APGA something akin to  a referendum on the performance of  his  administration.
Release issued by Anambra State’s Commissioner of Information and Public Enlightenment, C.Don Adinuba stated thus:
“The overwhelming support for APGA Obiano noted  is more or less a referendum on our performance, even though I was not on the ballot at the weekend. APGA is Nigeria’s foremost development-oriented party, and the people of Anambra State have embraced our philosophy and development strategy without reservations, making us arguably the most competitive state in Nigeria right now”.
The governor assured that with both the executive and legislative arms of government predominantly from the same party, there would be accelerated development and enhanced living standard. This will consolidate the various achievements of his administration.
“Anambra has in the last few years been recognized as leading the country in various sectors, including education, where its students won the Golden Prize in the 2018 World Technovision Competition in Silicon valley, US, beating countries across the globe.
“The state has also been recognized for excellence including security, immunization campaign, social harmony, modern rice production and road development,” cited the realease.
It should be recalled that prior to the election, the popularity of the APGA was believed to be waning, primarily because of the rancorous primary election that made most foundation members of APGA lose tickets for the various positions they vied for. While most members of the party remained, some others decamped to other parties.
Ahead the polls, it was rumoured all over the state that the PDP was determined to secure a majority  of the seats in Anambra State House of Assembly in order to have a strong foothold to hurt the government of  APGA in the polls. But the fears never yielded failure rather they led to victory.
Worthy of note is how APGA  surmounted the  challenges. While speaking in rallies held to canvas for votes for candidates of APGA Gov. Obiano  stressed the need for the electorate vote for continuous peace and economic stability in  the state.
He made it clear that having majority seats in the state’s legislature, his government feat in security will be upheld. Consequently, the electorate gave APGA their overwhelming support as anything to the contrary could have lead to unending chaos in the state as had been the case in the years before Obiano’s regime.
The template of campaigning with evidential references to grounds already conquered and reminder of the havocs the other party has done in harm of the state helped APGA’s campaign a lot. It made the electorate think deeply before voting.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Anambra Newspaper and printing Corporation, Awka, Chuka Nnabuife, while analyzing the fabrics of Obiano’s character and achievements in his Catalysis column article entitled Maduaburochukwu,
Thursday, February 18 and Sunday February 21, 2016, noted  that  before now, Anambra was “a land of unending chains of disorderliness promoted by kidnap and robbery, but it has within the ‘five’ years of the present administration  become “a secure land where nightlife thrives,”
an achievement evident in the “outlandish construction of three massive flyover bridges in the capital, Awka, with street and route lights and the provision of adequate security to the longest bridges in the state that links the rice farmlands in Aguleri Otu, Ayamelum et al and the oil wells in borders with Kogi and Enugu States, to the clearing of crime dens in the hitherto dreaded Upper Iweka Flyovers, Onitsha and beautification of same which his popular approach to leadership made possible.”
Nnabuife noted that “Obiano led with visible gusto, and put to task the best hands available. He made sure his men on projects were people who were as creative as they were passionate. He stood with them as they went.”
References to such rare style of leadership of the governor and his strength of character were culled up in APGA campaigns and it boost the party’s reckoning among the people.
It will therefore be apt to reason that back-to-back landmark victory of  Obiano in the guber  election of November 2017 and the legislative poll of last March are arguably, consequences
of his unique leadership style- his penchant for pragmatism and keenness for keeping his promises. This is why Anambra workers are among the most hopeful of the lot in the latest 24/30 legislative triumph of the governor and his APGA.

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