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el-Rufai seeks collaboration with PDP, others



 THE re-elected Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufa’i has called on the people of the state, irrespective of their political parties, to join hands with his administration in building a better state.
El-Rufa’i made the appeal in his acceptance speech on his reelection as Governor of the state, on Monday in Kaduna.
“In this moment of victory, we acknowledge and respect the preferences of our fellow citizens who did not vote for us.
“We would listen to their concerns, but we invite them to join hands with us so that we can together build a better Kaduna State”, he said.
The Governor said that since the elections were over, it was time to come together and continue the work of rebuilding the state.
“Where there has been strife, let us seek calm through accord and conciliation.
“Where suspicion and ill-will have reigned, let us enthrone goodwill. We can do so much for the good of our state and its entire people when we come together.
“We are committed to uniting the state around common values, anchored on equal citizenship, law and order, and protection of constitutional rights,” he said.
He assured that the administration was committed to tackling poverty, improving health care, providing decent education, creating jobs for youths, and securing all communities.
El-Rufa’i also thanked the people for their massive support, adding that with their votes Kaduna State had made history by electing a woman as Deputy Governor, the first elected in the far North of the country.
According to him, the victory is a resounding vote in support of governance reforms.
“We were threatened with dire electoral consequences because we dared to disengage unqualified teachers, redundant public servants, restructured district administrations and over-bloated local government staff.
“We were warned that even though we were doing the right things and doing them right, the beneficiaries of our policies – the ordinary citizens of our state will not understand and will vote us out.
“We never relented, confident that you know that we are working honestly for you. You did not disappoint us. We thank you again,” he added

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