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Wazobia FM rallies support for widow



GRACE EKPO, is a widow who hails from Oron Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. Since the death of her husband some years ago, she has been struggling to make ends meet. Giving her 9-year old son affordable education has been a serious challenge to her due to unavailable helping hands culminating into acute poverty. Yet, fate had more in stock for her as her troubled life witnessed another turbulence with an encounter with robbers on Monday, February 25, 2019.
Ekpo’s wretched looks caught no pity in the hands of the criminals who dealt with her brutally and made sure they fleeced her of any kobo still left in her life’s possession, to her shock. Faced with such despondent state, she moved on without clear direction of where she was headed.
The only option that came into her dazed head was to go to Wazobia FM radio station in Onitsha, or was it mere fortuitous inkling that drove her decision, not even she herself could answer.
Narrating her ordeals amidst heavy heart and sobs to the station’s management, she said in pidgin language, as she revealed to National Light Newspapers, “My pikin school fees na him I dey think of now.
And the thing dey make me want die every time, I think of how them beat me, collect the small money wey I manage sale on that day because na my pikin school and feeding I dey struggle for,” –literally implying how she was beaten to pulp and dispossessed of the meager money she made from her small business sales for the entire day, a situation that left her in the middle of nowhere.
From her account, she could not think out any meaningful action than to go to Wazobia FM station, Onitsha to seek for any possible assistance. To her biggest relief, her condition touched the station management and they started mobilising support on her behalf. It did not take long to hit N50,000 limit which  was subsequently handed to her on Wednesday.
Tears of joy flowed freely from Grace’s eyes as the Head Of Operations, Wazobia 93.7 FM, Onitsha, headed by Ugochukwu Enwereji, handed her the money for her to start a new life.
She was duly advised to start a small business with the money  and ensure she sees through the training of her child from the proceeds of the business.
The much elated widow burst into tears as she incoherently expressed her appreciations to Wazobia FM management and staff for not letting her down at the most crucial moment in her life.
The management of Wazobia went a step further by appealing to good spirited Nigerians to come to Ekpo’s aid with any donations they could raise through the station’s platform, while assuring that whatever is raised on her behalf will get to her promptly.
Nigeria may not be highly reputed for great altruistic dispositions by the outside world as stories about them portray them much in bad light, but close encounter with her citizens anywhere makes nonsense of this assumption.
The story of Mrs Ekpo is one out of a million similar situations where Nigerians demonstrate the true spirit of being their brother’s keeper. Their effable nature  and  unrivaled hospitality distinct them from the pack should be their second identity than the wrong notions often associated with them  by those who have poor knowledge of  her true identity.

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