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Ndi Anambra should elect law-makers to complement Obiano’s efforts



AS THE people of Anambra State proceed to the polls on Saturday, March 9 ,2019 to elect candidates that will represent them in the House of Assembly, there is absolute reason for them to vote for candidates of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to ensure and sustain the existence of cordial relationship between the amiable, irrepressible, indefatigable and astute governor of the state, Chief Wille Obiano is maintained.
The governor no doubt, needs legislators who have the interest of the people at heart. He should not work with law makers who are selfish, money conscious and unnecessary cantankerous to eschew conflict and crisis that are uncalled for. It is believed that members of his party, APGA ought to give him necessary cooperation to enable him continue his good and enviable work in the state.
Ndi Anambra should note that the administrations under APGA since the emergence of democracy have been performing very well. The first APGA governor, Mr Peter Obi undoubtedly did very well and because he did not want anybody to fall shy of what he did, searched for a candidate that will surpass his strides. No wonder he went for Chief Wille Obiano, a solid financial expert and prudent spender who knows how to turn around the economy of the state to a laudable level. Of course, Obiano has not let anybody down and the entire ndi Anambra were with him which led to his landslide re-election.
It is quite expedient to appeal to voters in the state to rebuff vote buying. Some unscrupulous and mischievous politicians would definitely want to embark on this terrible and conscienceless exercise to put in or ensure that their cronies emerge. Note that these persons will certainly owe allegiance to their political god- father’s who could make governance uncomfortable for our God-sent governor. Let us be absolutely careful not to make mistake; let us not allow our sentiments or myopic reasoning to becloud our sense of voting and we should make sure that good candidates win.
Civil servants, rural dwellers, teachers, farmers, students, youths and women must troop out enmasse to ensure that candidates with enviable virtues win. These categories of people mentioned are profound beneficiaries of Obiano’s administration. The pensioners are inclusive. They have never found it so good. This is a fact everyone knows. Therefore, residents of Anambra should support the government led by Chief Obiano by ensuring that APGA candidates emerge.



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