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Group seeks solutions to health, educational deficits in Adazi Ani



ADAZI-ANI Development Advocacy , an organization deeply rooted in grassroots development especially as it concerns health and educational development in the hinterlands has taken the bull by the horn to profer practical solutions to the health and educational needs of Adazi-Ani community in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State .
The organization deemed it absolutely necessary to embark on such developmental drive following the lacuna in its health and educational sectors respectively. The resolution of the youths of Adazi-Ani community was made manifest at a road show cum sensitisation of the entire community on the need for adequate health care and why it is imperative that youths in the area should eschew electoral violence and other vices capable of shattering their dreams and aspirations.
As a result of the spate of moral decadence and value erosion in the modern day social milieu, Adazi-Ani Development Advocacy formed a united front to wage war on some of the societal ills that could cause a cog in the wheel of fortune of virile and vibrant youths who could contribute meaningfully to socio-economic development in Adazi-Ani community.
This was why youths in the area trooped out en masse criss crossing the length and breath of Adazi-Ani community, chanting solidarity songs signifying their outright rejection to all forms of juvenile delinquencies as well as acts that could jeopardize their future .
One of the youths whose father is a renowned transporter and an industrialist in Nigeria and beyond, Mr.EmekaOkeke said the community rally carried out by Adazi-Ani youths was of paramount importance to galvanise youngsters into positive actions aimed at the overall transformation of Adazi-Ani community.
According to Mr. Okeke,” I am really happy that a lot of young people have come out today to say we want practical solutions; we want sustainable development; we want things that we can measure. I am really proud to be part of an age where young people could come together to say enough is enough! Youths are demanding for good facilities, good education. Good health care facilities and what have you.”
He said it was the first time in Adazi-Ani community youths in the area decided to take their destiny in their own hands and embarked on street-to-street rally to press home the dire need for an improved health-care cum educational system in their own community .
Apart from the community sensitization rally , Mr Emeka Okeke has equally given lifeline to old and vulnerable people in Adazi-Ani community, ranging from walking aids , provision of free medical services together with other humanitarian services aimed at providing succour to the poor and the needy in Adazi-Ani community .
Although the youngster made it point-blank that his philanthropic gestures to the people of Adazi-Ani has no political intentions as many may misconstrue his magnanimity and benevolence but emphasized that his philanthropy and altruism is borne out of his passion to salvage humanity, adding that he would continue to contribute his token to the development of his countryside Adazi-Ani Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra state.
Meanwhile when the youths had a stop-over at Rise Clinic Nigeria Adazi-Ani, a galaxy of old people were on hand to testify to the free medical services offered to them on account of Mr.Emeke Okeke’s benevolence .   One of them a septuagenarian, Mrs.Ngozi Ezenedolu said her crushes were given to her by Mr.Emeka Okeke and her daughter who suffered epilepsy was diagnosed and treated free of charge at Rise Clinic Adazi-Ani courtesy of Mr.Emeka Okeke’s intervention .
Also,  an octogenarian. Chief Gabriel Ilomuanya said Mr.Emeka Okeke’s kind gestures have been extended to persons living with disabilities in Adazi-Ani . Although the octogenarian made case for a befitting place where physically challenged persons could be camped in the area and empowered so as to dissuade them from begging and causing public nuisance .
He however, extolled the benefactor for responding promptly to the needs of persons living with disabilities in Adazi-Ani community while urging other public-spirited individuals with the financial muscle to borrow a leaf from Mr.Emeka Okeke’s philanthropy .
On the other hand , a Director at Rise Clinic Nigeria Adazi-Ani Dr.Dubem Onyejiaka explained that Adazi-Ani Development Advocacy is about the health and education of the people of Adazi-Ani . He said the hospital had been very instrumental in handling community health in the area ranging from stroke programmes , free antenatal services , general surgeries to mention a few of the cost-free medical services Adazi-Ani and its environs benefit from the hospital .
On education , Dr.Onyejiaka maintained that Adazi-Ani is not educationally backward as all hands are on deck to ensure that the people get at least basic educational foundation so as to prevent youths from being instruments of thuggery and violence in the hands of politicians .
The community rally embarked upon by Adazi-Ani Development Advocacy Group also took the youths to Community High School Adazi and some other schools in the area where the benefactor took first hand information of the fundamental needs of the secondary schools with a view to respond in order of priority .



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