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Anambra House of Assembly election: Time to appreciate APGA



ON SATURDAY, March 9, the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] will conduct the governorship and state legislature elections. It will be recalled that the election would have been held in March 2, but due to logistical and security challenges, both the national and state elections were postponed. 
It is expected that the Nigerian electorate will appreciate the imperative of performing their civic obligation in choosing their choice candidates for the post of governors and members of states’ Houses of Assembly.  Equally expected is a larger participation of the electorate in the exercise across states  to redress the reported low turn-out in the elections on February 23. The polls, next tomorrow will be for gubernatorial and state legislature candidates all over the country.
DUE to incidental judicial developments over the years in the fourth republic, governorship elections in some states, including Anambra State, do not hold on same date with other states across the nation.
That not withstanding, the state legislative election is very important in Anambra State. It has become necessary to encourage the electorate to enthusiastically come out and cast their votes so as to elect capable people to be members of the state legislature. For the good of the state and the dire need for sustained economic growth and development, the electorate should empower the state government with a legislature that  understands  the import of Governor Willie  Obiano’s strategic policies and apt positioning of the state in national and regional politics.
Obiano’s call that Ndi Anambra should be in the side lines for the second time sequel to the realistic perception of the trajectory of peculiar Nigerian brand of national politics and attendant election of the presidency is instructive and necessary to peep into for the future.
IN HIS words, as encapsulated by his chief image maker, James Eze, “In a federation that has developed thick skin for fairness, equity and justice, it is wise to be subtle than confrontational. Ndigbo should not stumble twice taking into consideration the aftermath of the 2015 presidential election. Obiano has advised against excessively emotive opposition that would lead Ndigbo the wrong path for umpteenth time”.
IT IS unfortunate that his downright honest weighing of the stark realities in the peculiar Nigerian national politics was mischievously presented by the enemies of Ndi Anambra ostensibly to sway the votes of the people who have been hailing the governor for his sustainable socio-economic populist and humane policies, programmes, projects and good governance.
ON THIS score, National Light is of the view that Obiano’s position on the national and regional political calculation and permutations should not be flipped to represent any other thing but that it is-sacrificing self-interest for the good of ndi Anambra and Igbo Land which the electorate should reciprocate with good rewards.
It is therefore, necessary to debunk the misconception spawned by mischief makers and chronic fault-finders of his administration to confound the uninformed people who have been hailing the good governance in   Anambra State started by APGA government since 2006.
ABOVE ALL, National Light wants to make a passionate appeal to Ndi Anambra to take cognizance of the landmark achievements of Obiano’s regime  which has been  hallmarked by a seamless executive-legislative synergy due to the fact that a handsome majority of the members of the House of Assembly belong to the ruling party in the state.
THE real or imagined grievance of highly self motivated  people to sway some voters to embark on protest vote to APGA members for  rival political party to be in the majority would portend destabilizing challenges to Obiano’s applauded philosophy of governance which has the potentiality to derail the trajectory of sustainable socio-economic growth and the successful Anambra development template which  APGA government has executed commendably  since 2006.
APGA government in Anambra State since then has registered monumental grassroots development traversing all the nooks and crannies of the 179 communities. The state has been leveraging on the influx of Foreign Direct Investments [FDI] due to the relative security in the state which is the fundamental responsibility of government. Obiano, like his predecessor, has been unstinted in spending well to assist the security agencies in the state in the provision of logistics and security gadgets to ensure 24 hour surveillance throughout the state.
NDI Anambra should therefore vote APGA candidates into the state legislature on Saturday to continue working in synergy with Obiano to sustain peace and development in the state.

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